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Gran Age

Gran Age

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Hangame
Developer:  Logiware
Genre:  MMO

Adorable and adroit figures fearlessly play around the world, forwarding fast in jumps and skillful flip-flaps while launching dazzling Combos on enemies fiercely in the ever-changing combating environments side-scrolling seamlessly that avatars may drop into waters in the process of climbing swaying suspension beams, high and low, and then return to land before once again fighting a way out in other means, say, the gorgeous suspension lights. Imaginable scenario of side-scrolling MMO, right? Specifically, it is from the trailer of Gran Age.

Like Maple Story, Gran Age presents itself as a 2D role-playing side-scrolling action MMO which, however, was published by Logiware in South Korea. The game was originally published in Korea and later Shanghai-based Shanda Games has been authorized to its publication right in Mainland China.

As introduced in the official game site, there are four basic occupations listed as Knight, Magician, Assassin and Archer for players to choose from in the initial, with each one able to shift into six different professions in later level-ups. Bestowed with distinctive fighting styles, all four have their own edges with unique skills, such as the Knights’ physical strength of both defense and offence in melee battle and Assassins’ surprise blitz attack with their ability of invisibility and adroitness. On the top of special skills, what brings about the climax of exciting gameplay is probably the Combo, or uninterrupted blows in a short period, which can be used by all avatars. All the in-game action is presented as fast-paced combat with a sense of hitting and exaggerated visual effect. yet there is still something desirable in the action design. Advancing with a bent nerve, players-controlled avatars excise all kinds of hitting action all the way, which will also generate many a point, either of experience or of attacking, all appearing and partially overlapping in the interface to create a chaotic scene.

As to the in-game graphics, each part serves its purpose, for the ancient European setting is depicted exquisitely, the characters are drawn cutely in a cartoonish style, and the combat skills are designed full of dynamic and visual sense. However, every part does not cooperate well with each other. Once seen as a whole, the character avatars blurs with the background that sometimes it is indiscernible of avatars’ movement and location, of the concrete monster that is beaten and of the overlapping points mentioned above. Whoever really plays it will recall the scene where the avatar stands above a ring of fire or the moment when one can not even figure out how many monsters are in the picture, for their out-of-proportion bodies crowd together into a mess.

So on the one hand, Gran Age has adorable graphics and fast-paced, smooth gameplay full of dynamic action and dazzling visual effects; on the other hand, it also contains certain defects in both aspects. Reasonably enjoyable as it is, it is worth a try.

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  2. michelle says:

    the official website is in Korean!

  3. anton says:

    when it goin to be global version

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