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Grand Epic

Grand Epic

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Run Up Information Technology
Developer:  Run Up Information Technology
Genre:  Fantasy

Grand Epic is a free browser MMORPG Game for casual and young players. The game was firstly released in China under the title 仙域, and later it is published by Run Up for worldwide gamers.

Logging in Grand Epic Grand is reminiscent of something mysterious in Ancient China, but as you finish the creation of characters and classes, you will be brought into the game. The first impression on Grand Epic Online is I want to quit this game because its graphics are blurry, old-fashioned, low quality, if something bad you got in your mind, then all are applicable to Grand Epic.

As a reviewer of Grand Epic, I am forced me to summon up courage to play it. Nothing fun was found but clickaway. It appears I’ve lost in the humdrum and routine task. I began to imagine how the game work.

The auto-tracking gadget will walk you through the game without any hurdles, and even if you are totally new to MMO, you just need to click the Arrow Key or Flashing or Blinking Icon, then you will finish the tasks step by steps. This feature has also been implemented into Crystal Saga, R2game’s new browser MMORPG. The tasks include kill some creatures like habits, moneys . Once you have finished the killings, you should go to the task assignee to report and hand in what you got.

The difficulty of Grand Epic is determined by how long you play the game, that is, playing first 3 minutes, you only need to kill 1 -2 creature. However, after you play 10 minutes, you will have to complete the tasks by slaying monsters from 10 – 100, which is an absolute grinding waste of time.

The ultimate goal of the game is not to experience enjoyment and fun, but forces those addicted players to spend their money on it. As you noticed, the first 5 quests demonstrated that you must buy some items in the game shop in order to finish the missions.

If my memory servers me, I think Grand Epic follows the rules of Warriors Saga, Neverland Online, Forsakia Online. From my investigation, it will never satisfy American players, if some players stick to the game, they are of course from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippine.

My conclusion: Avoid this game!


In the beginning, Goddess Nuwa patched the sky with multicolored stones and created the race of human with her magic power so that the world was no more quiet and tedious. To salvage human being, Nuwa scattered the multicolored stones over the whole world. If someone found the stone, he could get rid of the pain of reincarnation and became immortal.

Human being developed generation by generation for thousands of years, and eventually passed ignorance period. Some of them found the multicolored stones and gained magical power from them. Then they built up their own rules by occupying lands and became the lords with this power. At that time there were two main tribes. The Miao Race leaded by Chiyou and the Shia Race created by Huangdi. Common people began to live a painful life in wars between these two tribes from the date they were created.

War has never ceased, neither would it be.

Nuwa felt worried about the cruel and fierce human being and had been looking for a solution. One day, she came across a pure white saussurea on the top of Tian Mountain. The saussurea grew in snow but didn’t have any dust on it. Nuwa cast magic on it to transform it to a young lady who was in totally white. This young lady was named Flower Goddess by Nuwa. Her beauty could attract the whole world and make the sun and the moon shame.

Nuwa sent Flower Goddess to the human world, hoping she can stop endless wars and let human being know the significance of life. So when Chiyou and Huangdi lost themselves in an intense war, a magical colorful light suddenly appeared at the middle of the battlefield. Everyone on the battlefield felt peaceful and homesick as a result of the light at once. Flower Goddess appeared in the light.

Chiyou and Huangdi temporarily forgot their greed because of Flower Goddess’s beauty. So the human world got a chance to breath. However, as time passed, they were more and more anxious to marry Flower Goddess. Desire breeds hatred. Hatred breeds strife. To fight for Flower Goddess, Chiyou and Huangdi attributed themselves to endless wars again. The kind-hearted Flower Goddess couldn’t help crying. All the efforts had crumbled to dust because of human’s greed, desire and evil. Her tears turned into rain. The whole world was crying.

“I befell the world to be a normal human and marry a man. But there is no such man who is kind-hearted, amorous, and as indifferent to fame and wealth as me. He should be like gentle fresh breeze blowing my face, but doesn’t take away my purity; he should be like gentle clean drizzle touching my hair, but doesn’t break my dream. Mother Nuwa gave me life-long time to find such a person. Now my tears wet earth. My crying shakes mountains. And my life has come to the end with regret. I will be expecting a peaceful world to come again.” After saying to Chiyou and Huangdi, Flower Goddess changed to colorful lights. Suddenly, all flowers came out over the world.

Four Classes

Flowers Valley

Seeing the death of Flower Goddess, a part of human being were influenced and reformed by her death. They dropped their weapons, travelled far away from their hometown and finally settled down in Flowers Valley which was separated from the world. They lived on a faith of Flower Goddess’s promise, “I will return to a peaceful world”, worked hard to try to influence the whole human being race so that the Flower Goddess may revive.

There were various kinds of precious plants in Flowers Valley. People thought they had entered a wonderland when they occasionally got there. As a treasure place said in the world, Flowers Valley was sometimes attacked by someone who nursed evil intention of occupying the place. During the persistence of evil force, citizens in Flowers Valley formed their own force by creating a mysterious faction. Their weapons are bows. The archery they use is brisk and accurate. It has great power but doesn’t hurt people easily, which was created also according to Flower Goddess’ the last words: Protect them in a peaceful world.

Disciples of Flowers Valley keep on finding flowers fragments scattered by Flower Goddess when she died because Flower Goddess may revive earlier if cast magic after gathering all of those flowers fragments.

Faction Feature

The weapon Flowers Valley use is bow. Every attack needs one arrow. Disciples of Flowers Valley are good at launching long-range attacks and healing skills. Their main attack skill is Flowers Archery created by the Master of Flowers Valley Lernyue Fairy.

Tianmu Cave

Chiyou is the symbol of evil. He became even more frenzied that he massacred everywhere after Flower Goddess’s death because there was nothing deserves his care since then. He created Tianmu Cave during the period he trained himself in Tianmu Mountain. What he uses as weapon is broadsword. The key point of his broadsword skill is strength. Even iron may burst into pieces by one chop of Chiyou’s broadsword skill. So there has been a saying that Chiyou’s broadsword skill can cut the moon and break cloud. Many people came to Tianmu Cave to learn broadsword skill from Chiyou. But he didn’t teach any of them his real profound part of the skill. All his disciples know this so they strife openly and secretly all the time, hoping Chiyou may one day teach one of them the most essential skill of broadsword. So Tianmu Cave is the most disunited faction. Every branch of this faction seems in harmony but actually at variance, or even dog eats dog.

Faction Feature

Tianmu Cave’s weapon is broadsword. Chiyou’s broadsword skill is famous for its violence and frenzy. Some fierce skill can even enable Tianmu Cave disciple’s power reaches the peak moment so that to give a fatal attack with only one chop.

Shu Mountain

Huangdi’s weapon is Shuanyuan Sword. He created a great faction in Shu Mountain after Flower Goddess’ death. All disciples of Shu Mountain use sword as weapon. They are famous for speedy and uncanny fencing. But what they most care is Shuan-yuan Sword though they seem to have spent their whole lives studying Huangdi’s fencing hard. However, nobody has understood the essence of Huangdi’s fencing since the day when it was created. So the extremely powerful Shuan-yuan Sword is still in eternal sleep.

Faction Feature

The weapon of Shu Mountain is sword. Huangdi’s fencing is not only brisk and elegant but also with great destroying might. Besides fencing, disciples of Shu Mountain also learn Taoism that can hurt enemy’s MP. There will be an unexpected result if one uses taoism properly.

Herming Mountain

In Grand Epic Online, Herming Mountain rises later than the other three factions. That Herming Mountain can have such great achievement is all because of the originator of Taoism, Chang Daoling who built up the faction by himself. Herming Mountain is famous in the three worlds for their rod works and taoism.

Faction Feature

Disciples of Herming Mountain use rod as weapon. Master Chang Daoling’s Sanching Rod Works contains exquisite magic that is appropriate for both long-range attack and melee combat. Some of Herming Mountain’s Taoism magic can even absorb enemy’s HP for self-supply.

official website: http://geo.gamemily.com/
Chinese website : http://xianyu.game2.cn/

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  3. Allen says:

    The saussurea grew in snow but didn’t have any dust on it. Nuwa cast magic on it to transform it to a young lady who was in totally white. This young lady was named Flower Goddess by Nuwa. Her beauty could attract the whole world and make the sun and the moon shame. 200-125 Exam Dumps

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