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Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross

Release Date:  September 13, 2012
Publisher:  Square Enix
Developer:  Square Enix
Genre:  Card

Guardian Cross is a mobile card game that is released by Square Enix. The objects of the game are to capture and develop Guardians, organize parties, and defeat other teams.


Join bran and his friends on an exciting adventure.accompany them as they travel this world braving many dangers and overcoming obstacles. They will need your help if they have a hope of surviving.

Bran and his friends must defeat the guardian teams they come up against along their journey. Help them to achieve victory and become the greatest Guardian master you can be.

As you battle Guardians and talk to various residents you meet on the world map, in towns, towers and caverns, and on bridges, you will advance the storyline of Guardian Cross. This story is made up of two scenarios: the main missions and the sub-missions. While a main mission or sub mission is in progress, an icon will be displayed on the world map. You will earn Guardian Points for the battles wagged during missions. ou might also obtain hunting tickets or Coliseum passes during missions.

Battles are waged in Guardian Cross during the scenarios and at the Coliseum. You may select up to ten of the guardians you have gathered and organize a party. Your enemies will also form parties of up to ten guardians, allowing you to stage large-scale battles against each other.

One guardian at a time will appear from each side and compete tournament style. Battles are carried out automatically. The one to defeat all members of the opposing party is the winner. Guardians can be obtained by participating in a hunt at the hunting grounds.

8 Comments on Guardian Cross


  1. Cires says:

    Ref Code: GX48643

    This game is a very unique take on a mobile card game. Unlike many other games, it's very interactive, has a storyline, and the graphics are high quality and very fluid. There are several references to FF (Leviathan, mandragora, etc…yay for FF fans!) and even the battle music is very FF like.

    The tutorial in the beginning will take you through most of the steps and it's very straightforward to tell you the truth. Here are a couple nice features to the game that I found unique:

    – Rather than opening plain card packs, you actually have to hunt and shoot monsters via a hunting rifle in first person. You get 60 seconds to catch monsters, so the better you are at this, the more monsters you get.
    – Each card has different skills that can trigger. You build a deck of 10 cards and you battle somebody else's 10 cards. Placement of cards can play a role in the outcome of the battle (Do you put your heavy hitter up front or save them for last?)
    – You can add skills to your cards. I haven't found anything other than stat boosters so far, but it's nice to be able to uniquely customize your card so that not every Leviathan (for example) is exactly the same.

    So on top of everything, there's a invite promotion going on. Invite people, and both you and the person you invite get free promotional cards. The more people you invite, the better cards you get! I have shamelessly put my Referral Code (GX48643) up top , so if you could help me out – it'd be much appreciated. I would be more than happy to friend you and help you out with the game.

    See you all in-game 🙂

  2. aBIMO says:


    Pretty much a very fun game! especially if you're a fan of final fantasy !

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  3. Ndc says:

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  4. Faerie says:

    This game is very awesome and addicting. Can't stop playing it.
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  5. Velia Ign says:

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  6. The thing says:

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