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Guild Wars 2: Best MMORPG at Gamescom 2011

Sara Lau
Aug 24,2011  08:08 by

Guild Wars 2 has long been in the limelight thanks for the universal popularity of its predecessor Guild Wars. At the world-renowned exhibition Gamescom 2011, the developer revealed many new features about this highly-anticipated online RPG, further evoking our curiosity about this title. During the fair, many interested players waited for hours to test the demo and adventure into the fantasy world of Tyria. If you didn’t manage to join in the Gamescom 2011, don’t worry! Follow us to know all details of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2, developed by ArenaNet, is an upcoming 3D MMORPG with some innovative and significant twists. To my mind, Guild Wars 2 could easily qualify the best MMO at Gamescom 2011. It was showcased at the NCsoft booth in Hall 9, one of the most hotly contested places. Hundreds of thousands of fans queued up for a rare chance to watch and play this game.

First of all, players have to create their own avatars. It is laborious to list all the playable races, so I will just elaborate on one impressive option, that is, the Charr. The feline Charr are one of the most horrifying-looking races with bulky physique, sharp fangs and fierce eyes. They have endured numerous scars of war and emerged victorious from oppression and defeat, thanks to their powerful non-magical technology. Nevertheless, they are still faced with outside and inside challenges. By the way, a new race, the green leafy Sylvari, can be spotted among other things at the fair.

After character creation, you saunter with a young cat through the starting area of the Charr, Ascalon. Actually, the first event in Tyria is dynamic and spectacular: Prince Barradin gets bored of waiting in a small, non-instanced vault for his fighters, so he comes out of the dungeon. As he is thrashing hostile villains, he warps a meter-high stone statue by accident. Consequently, the area is shattered into rubble pieces. To be honest, this episodic spectacle is completely thrilling and impressive.

Besides, there are much more to see during the first stage when you wander around in the starting area of Charr. For example, you will witness people fighting against a giant Earth Elemental and the Norn against a nasty ice worm. Of course, we are able to go through the mega-terror lurking in the jungles of Rata Sum which is the starting area of Asura, another race in the game. Besides, if you wonder what evil forces are hidden in the pale shade trees, you can opt for the Sylvari and roam across the perilous forest. In fact, I believe all online role-playing games should begin like this with bombastic scenarios and arresting gameplay. If you only spend several hours leisurely picking mushrooms or bashing wild boars and seahorses, you will probably lose your enthusiasm and passion to delve deeper into the game.

And those who decide to join in Sylvari or Asura must be fully prepared to face grand adventures. And our heroes are more like Dobby, the house elf from Harry Potter. Together with the cuddly little guy, we foray into a fantastic area which has a strange German name “Sparkfly-Fen”. An intense battle will soon commence, dragging you into a soul-stirring war against the Elder Undead Dragon Zhaitan. The frog-like race Hylek will survive the catastrophe by chance, so it is more likely that you will encounter them. The battle against this gigantic dragon is tough and challenging.

Upon arrival at the coast, you must bomb a giant ark after it successfully assists you in conducting a landing operation, lest other hostile enemies take advantage of it. If you are unluckily confronted with hordes of opponents, you can use a catapult or a traditional gun to launch attack at them. And at this moment, you have to keep vigilant against surprise attack from your back. Finally, you manage to sink the ark with the aid of dozens of other players, and thus halting the raids from the undead and gaining the hard-earned Victory!

But wait! Guild War 2 creates a mega-dragon called Tequatl that can break out from the water, land on a nearby mountain and challenge all the heroes with wild cries. As a result, more brutal battles begin. In fact, the mere presence of undead dragons is a first-rate innovation in the majority of RPG titles, so we feel sure that Guild War 2 will live up to our expectation with many more surprises.

The key to victory during the battles is not just bewaring of attacks from behind covers, and there are several things to note:

-When Tequatl the Sunless rears up, you will have to face a devastating head-on attack because you must defend the realm against this giant dragon boss.
-The dragon does not fight alone; on the contrary, it keeps calling various minions into the battles. So you’ve got to beef up yourself before you enter into combat with it.
-Large tentacles will appear from the ground time and again, trying to entangling you into immobility, so you have to smash all within sight mercilessly.

-If you want to cause more damage to your foes, try to make use of surrounding weapons, such as mortars, poisons, guns.

-Tequatl is capable of breaking walls, making the life of rangers more difficult. But don’t panic! You can block its invasion with cannons or catapults.

-Asura has access to a large cannon on a hill on the battlefield. A timer indicates when the gun will fire next time. Anyway, it is a formidable weapon. But Tequatl the Sunless will send out its minions to destroy this mighty cannon. So the priority should be paid to defend your gun against malicious sabotage.

-Every time you fire the powerful cannon, Tequatl will be stunned for a few moments. And you have to take advantage of this period and make as many damages to it as possible.

In addition, the combat scenarios are really remarkable: When 30, 40 or even 100 players fight in the open against this behemoth, you are immersed in a sense of elation that can only be found in online role-playing games. If your Tequatl is hurt, a flake will break out of its shell and a couple of huge bones will fall down. All these signify that the beast is almost overwhelmed and you are marching nearer to your glorious victory.

All in all, ArenaNet showed the marvelous features of Guild Wars 2 at Gamescom 2011. The atmosphere is incomparable and fascinating from start to finish and the graphic style is awesome like no other. One is constantly in motion for the game has a myriad of furious combat in store for you. And the interface is neat and clear without unnecessary bells and whistles, enabling you to focus on exactly what’s going on in the fantasy world, instead of damage numbers, health bars, or other trivialities.

Of course, Guild Wars 2 also overshadows other games of the genre for it offers countless dynamic events which count as memorable highlights of this online role-playing game. We are also content with the PvP content, though admittedly the developer has not unraveled too much about this part.

In general, ArenaNet does not focus on enhancing only one feature while creating Guild Wars 2; instead, it strives to attend to all aspects of this great masterpiece. And until now, there is nothing disappointing in Guild Wars 2 as far as I can see. Hopefully, this MMO will be officially released in 2012. And it is believed that Guild Wars 2 will, as usual, charge no subscription fees and implement any profitable item shops. Undoubtedly, millions of RPG fans are eagerly waiting for its beta which will probably be launched later this year according to the developer. Bravo!

If you are keenly impressed by Guild Wars 2 as I am, cast your vote for Guild Wars 2 as one of the MMORPG Highlights of this year’s Gamescom!

3 Comments on Guild Wars 2: Best MMORPG at Gamescom 2011


  1. hihihi says:

    release date august 28 everyone should try this game out its mint

  2. ekvaral says:

    i dissapoint… its b2p

  3. Champion says:

    Ofcourse it's b2p, its too big of a game with too much support and customer service to be a total f2p, my god Ekvaral, you can't expect more. It's f2p as in the way you pay once and never pay again.

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