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Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online

Release Date:  
Developer:  Muse Games

Guns of Icarus Online is a MMO shooter which is set in the post-apocalyptic future. The human civilization is totally destroyed; the world is shattered into ruins; but mankind is determined to rebuild their homeland despite endless desperation and harsh conditions. Therefore, a series of mind-blowing extensive air battles begin…

Muse Games, an American game developer, recently announced a teaser trailer of its upcoming game Guns of Icarus Online which is adapted from a console title named Guns of Icarus. This game is scheduled to be officially released in 2012, but no specific date has been disclosed yet.

First of all, you opt for your favorite profession from the following choices: Pilot, Engineer, Gunner and Captain. Each of them performs different function and has unique strengths and weaknesses in the game. After you have made your decision, you board the airship, partake in battles and repel aggressive pirates and raiders. Meanwhile, the game boasts a train of distinct features, such as a trading system, a leveling system, production and exploration on the unknown map etc, largely enriching the gaming pleasure for players.

The highlight of the game is that all battles take place in the sky, so you are able to overlook the world from a whole different viewpoint. There are various PVP and PVE modes which require cooperation with your friends. Actually, you will never be alone in your ship where several humans coexist peacefully with multiple NPC crew members. And everyone in your team plays an irreplaceable role in the air combat, so you’d better get on well with them.

As airship is an integral part of the game, you have to take pains to upgrade and revamp your own ship. To build an impenetrable airship, you can engage in all sorts of activities. Focus on self-production, raid other ships for resources, partake in battles to earn bonuses and trade with other players for necessary items!

In addition, judging from its screenshots, Guns of Icarus Online really possesses a set of remarkable graphics that seemingly immerses players into the world of Jagged Alliance Online. The environment is ever changing, so you can see different sceneries of the infinite sky. And in my opinion, the gorgeous sunset with glowing clouds is the most beautiful one. Besides, the images of airships are certainly innovative and dreamlike. All in all, you feel like being instantly taken away to a faraway wonderland. How splendid the scenes are!

Danger is lurking everywhere, so it is wise to keep vigilant all the time. Beware of pirate ambushes and give your invasive opponents a deadly blow! Are you the one who can survive on the wasteland and win laudable reputation along with tons of wealth? The enormous, persistent, multiplayer world is waiting to be explored. Let’s just wait patiently for this awesome airship combat game.

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