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Dawnbreaker City, an artificial island in the ocean, was once considered as a shimmering hope of humanity in an otherwise very bleak future. But the dream of leading a peaceful life is shattered shortly after citizens of a harmonious nation arrived and settled down in this legendary place. There soon emerges an eerie scenario which is characterized by riots, violence and rebellion. Gunshine is a highly-recommended browser game where all these unpleasant experiences await you.

The traditional avatar selection is quick and straightforward because all features of our character, including its gender, countenance and hair color, are purely cosmetic instead of possessing some essential functions. The only thing that we should meditate for a while is the class of our avatar. The Bodyguard is gifted at melee in combat and can withstand lots of beatings without being seriously hurt. The hunter, on the other hand, prefers to wage attacks at a safe distance and is exceptionally familiar with all types of firearms. And the Doctor is outstanding in his ability to assist and heal other characters, and therefore is very popular in the group.

Henceforth, you set foot on Dawnbreaker City, that is, the capital of the embattled island, for the first time and embark on a hazardous journey through lots of unknown hardships. Are you scared? The isometric camera perspective successfully provides a panoramic view of Gunshine. While you navigate character through the various zones with simple mouse clicks, you can see diverse breathtaking sceneries. And thanks to the short tutorial, quests are accomplished quickly, which considerably increases our cash reserves as well as our experience points.

In the course of a prison outbreak, we happen to know a resistance movement which is aimed at overthrowing the dominance of the wicked authority by all means for freedom and human rights, as a result, we volunteer to work as a mercenary and strive to restore justice and peace to Dawnbreaker City. In a word, in Gunshine, we are not only fighting for survival, but also fighting for supremacy. The life is not the least boring. We hunt for enemy gangs, procure critical information from a heavily guarded warehouse and arrest a whole smuggling ring etc. Actually, a really great variety of thrilling quests are offered to you. Besides, the virtual landscapes are realistic and varied. There are abandoned hospitals, dripping swamps and obsolete districts which can only be explored when you have access to a sufficient arsenal of weapons. Fortunately, we can quickly lay hands on numerous pistols, rifles, grenades and Molotov cocktails so that we can venture into player vs. player battles as well as seek for other sorts of entertainment.

In total, there are ten factions in Gunshine which fight against each other for the absolute rule of the island and lure us to their side with all kinds of awards and gimmicks. Think clearly and thoroughly before you partake in one of the factions! And it is particularly appealing to take part in a group consisting of several strong players and fight against formidable human bosses. Additionally, this browser game also offers an optional computer-controlled helper which provides useful advice and help to you.

Finally, Gunshine boasts a highly detailed 3D graphics as well as some interesting special effects which are also accompanied by matching sounds. To sum up, Gunshine belongs exactly to the sort of action-packed role-playing games that appeal to players with fascinating background stories, stimulating arena combat, high-quality visual effect and tons of fun. It is undoubtedly worth a shot! Be prepared for your eventful adventure in Gunshine!

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  1. Natii :) says:

    que vuelva Zombie Online …pliiss :/

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