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Happy Aquarium

Happy Aquarium

Release Date:  
Publisher:  CrowdStar
Developer:  CrowdStar
Genre:  Social Simulation

Fish in all sizes, species and shades wander through waving waterweeds, expiating strings of bubbles; starfishes stick to the wall of the fish tank lazily, as if lounging and basking in the sun; and crabs slide sideways on the fine gravel, disappearing occasionally behind corals. Beautiful, huh? It is no necessary to get envious, for you can have the fish tank, or a better one, in Happy Aquarium.

Happy Aquarium is a free-to-play browser-based fish-petting stimulation game made by CrowdStar on Facebook with engaging enthusiasts of about 30 million on a monthly basis. To put it simply, players in this game will own one or more fish tanks, raise fish or crawlers, earn coins and pearls, decorate one’s tank with props, and win various achievements finally. All the operation is easy to learn and excise, yet one may find it amazing that such simple, casual gaming can bring about so much pleasure. Let’s look at length at it.

To start with, players will be given one tank with 50-gallon volume capable of holding up to 10 fish. And players can gradually win more coins and spend them upgrading their tanks to 125-gallon capacity for up to 40 fish. Moreover, eight tanks of the tap volume can be owned by each player. As to fish, players have to go to stores to buy baby fish, with only two basic fish species available at Level 1. Rarer and more expensive fish have to be unlocked with more experience and higher cost at certain level. To expand the tank, players need to feed their fish or crawlers regularly and keep the tank clean at least, beautiful if possible; while they should also try to win golden coins as much as possible. Coins can be gained in the game through many different ways, such as raising baby fish to maturity and selling the adult fish and clicking the treasure chest daily to collect 7 to 35 coins offered automatically by the in-game system. But a more interesting way of coin collection is via playing mini-games: Treasure Hunt and Training Game. In Treasure Hunt, players need to guide their fish through coral reef in search of a treasure chest in the 45 second time limit; while in Training Game, players can train their selected fish to learn 7 tricks (including zig, zag, loop, dive, figure eight, spiral and follow) by swimming through a distance by avoiding 5 types of obstacles and 2 item barriers of poisoned food and squids.

Raising fish and playing mini-games are not only enjoyable and entertaining, but also can contribute to various achievements players can make in this game. For instance, players can be rewarded with the medal of Fish Wrangler for training their fish with fancy tricks, or be conferred on with title of Supreme Collector for the great fish variety in their tanks. So just enjoy yourself in Happy Aquarium.

On May 13, 2011, Germany-based Bigpoint rolled out an online game called AquaRama that is totally inspired by Happy Aquarium.

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