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Happy Hospital

Happy Hospital

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Rarely is anyone happy in a hospital, for the agony of ailments and torment of treatments combine to exile one into gloomy mood and low spirit. But now, just let us jump out of the box of realistic depiction and allow soothing imagination to prance like Sicilian stallions, conjuring up a happy hospital especially for loveable animals that develop weird, waggish sickness beyond rational expectation. Sounds amusing? More fun is waiting for you in Happy Hospital.

Happy Hospital is a Facebook game that cleverly embeds pet-raising genre into the hospital simulation. True to the essence of the social, casual type, this game is made to make players relax in the simple gameplay, relishing all cartoon-styled artistic designs and uttering a few small chuckles of the in-game humor.

The whole graphics of Happy Hospital is imaginative and jovial with vivid pet characters on the neat screen reminiscent of the children’ books full of illustrations. In this game world, a blue bulb-eyed owl with a nurse cap is sitting in front of the reception desk and in charge of the hospital computer; strangely shaped treatment machines of various colors and sizes work on battery; and various animals such as pitiable brown bears with tears welling in eyes, jubilant dog with its tongue sticking out as if panting in hurried rates as well as snub-nosed giraffe with a startled looks will come into the hospital for cures of their wacky illness.

In the childlike ambiance, players will act as vets to help these adorable animals in hospital. They will build their comprehensive hospitals with more and more facilities including waiting rooms, diagnostics and suchlike ones unlocked so as to accommodate patients to suitable places and carry out the whole treatment smoothly. And the maintenance of equipments should not be neglected that batteries must be recharged timely and regularly to keep the machine well-functioned. When the hospital arrives at a certain level, players can install the Fountain of Youth, which is necessary hardware to accept elderly patients and rejuvenate them in youth. And the fountain can function with the consumption of various crystals which are from gem flowers. Since each only has one type of gem flower randomly allotted in the game, players need to help each other by sharing resources. Also at certain level, players will be able to construct kitchens, in which yeti can make coffee to serve doctors so as to reduce fatigue and keep awake.

Diseases are contagious, so is happiness, fortunately. Isn’t it a beautiful dream to build a happy hospital, driving away pains while preserving happiness? Why not?

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  1. chloe says:

    can you play this game lol

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