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Happy Island

Happy Island

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Gentle breeze nuzzles waves of spray towards the beach of the island, where lush forest casts silent shade over the landscape in the sun. Beautiful as it is, its attraction is glossed over by its obscurity and desolation. Isn’t it a shame to leave such a potential heaven down to wastes? So how about developing it into a scenery spot for visitors to recreate, refresh and relax? If that is what in your mind, then Happy Island can help live out such envision.

Happy Island is made a social game by CrowdStar on Facebook, which is most likely to become the apple in the eye of casual players who would like to unwind the spring of their nerve by indulging for a little while in the distraction of childlike games. From the lovely island surrounded by azure sea on the whole to each individual figure and architecture imprinted with dreamy wonder, the graphics invariably absorb players into a carefree world where all worries and tension just dissolve into the wind.

The simple gameplay can be picked up without efforts after several clicks in the very beginning. The goal of Happy Island is equally clear, that is, to transform the deserted island into a frivolous tourist attraction which is frequented by visitors. With a bare, small island and a certain amount of coins in the bank, players can start running their business from buying a fruit stand attraction. As coins accumulate, and they will, players can spend the money on leveling up the island by unlocking more and more attractions, which will surely make the island more lucrative all the more in return. Following such a virtuous circle, players will find their island grow larger and better, dotted with various structures such as star-rated hotels, air ports, amusement parks, ports with cruisers, casinos and all other faculties able to make visitors feel like having an “encore” visit later. As in most games, attraction types are subject to island levels and specific attractions are only available in fixed levels. Once level fifteen is reached, players will be able to purchase another island. As of now, the game sets a level cap of fifty, but leaves the possibility to increase in light with new additional features open.

It is for sure that to build a perfect, profitable island is no easy job, yet that is not the point of this game. Only if one does feel delightful when playing, the island one build will be a happy island.

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