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Release Date:  2011
Developer:  GameForge
Genre:  action

Updates: The game will be taken offline before 2012 and players no longer buys premium items and diamond in November 2.

In the virtual world of Diablo clone Game HellBreed, only brave warriors can survive the chaotic dungeon. The once peaceful and heavenly world was broken into numerous fragment. Now you need to pluck up your courage and get started to restore the peace. Are you ready to rejuvenate this devastating kingdom?

HellBreed is a browser game that is developed by Gameforge’s acquired studio Inflamables. In this action Hack and slash RPG “HellBreed”, you will  be setting your foot on a great  adventure in the style of “Diablo”.  Many unknown threats, hazards, dangers are standing in your way.

First, you should choose a character class such as Warrior, Huntress, and Siege Master, each of which follows the same rules of what RPG is characterized by. As a warrior, you will shoulder the responsiblity to defeat enemies and earn experience points and other score points like health and Mana, as well as hunt for tons of items and face more than 250 monsters.

Additionally, HellBreed takes you on more than 100 mini maps and dungeons and instances, all of which are well designed and produced for both hardcore gamers and casual gamers. Turn the chaotic world of HellBreed into a peaceful paradise with vengeance and fight your way through countless missions. Step into this dangerous world and confront the evil figures that are eagerly waiting for you. Together with your friends, you have a chance to win more battles in the Hack and Slash MMO HellBreed.

The closed beta was officially launched on June 20, 2011. You can apply for a closed beta tester at its official website, or simply obtain a CBT key on its partner sites like pcgames.de, onlinewelten.com and browsergames.de

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  1. […] with new information. In this year’s E3 Expo during June 7-9, 2011, we just learned that Hellbreed will be officially released in August, 2011, not the previously confirmed release date of May, […]

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  5. mhelan gavino says:

    i like this game of hellbreed

  6. emiliano gavino says:

    this game is very adventure and ext

  7. anthony says:

    the game is coll but isn't it a little just boring

  8. jay says:

    cant find it!!!

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