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Hellgate Global

Hellgate Global

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  t3fun
Developer:  HanbitSoft
Genre:  Horror RPG

Hellgate Global, once a console game adapted into a MMO now, is a 3D action-oriented fantasy-themed role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world of 2038. With its subtitle as London, the game features folklore and architectures in this location, including the characteristic railway stations, hallmark of St Paul’s Cathedral as well as the well-known Clock Tower embedded with Big Ben.


After years of development, Hellgate: Global, a highly anticipated action MMORPG, finally comes out to entertain its fans. But a large group of players are still wondering about whether this game is the right one for them. To solve their suspicion, we delved into the disastrous world.

The world has been totally shattered into ruins by invasive dark forces from the Inferno. Surviving mankind has retreated into a shabby shelter after the overwhelming attack from legions of ruthless demons. The epic mission of liberating the whole world from the dark plague is now falling on your shoulders. Will you succeed in the end?

First of all, we should know that there are a total of six unique classes, each of which belongs to one of the three available “factions”. In detail, the Templars are made of elite fighting forces, including Guardians and Blademasters, who strive to save the world with melee weapons. The Cabalists include two professions, that is, Summoners and Evokers, who have acquired and mastered powerful dark magic. And the third faction is the Hunters that are comprised of Marksmen and Engineers, who are all highly-trained military personnel. Personally, I prefer the Cabalists because I can cast all kinds of awesome spells on my opponents. Besides, as a summoner, I can even summon back a whole troop of warriors when I am caught in distress. In the character creation phase, you can create a distinctive alter ego according to your own role-playing style. Then you can wade dauntlessly into the fray.

In the perilous world, you can choose to either play alone or fight alongside your online friends, which is typical of the genre. Unfortunately, no LAN mode has been implemented, so if you want to enter into the soul-stirring battleground, you will be in desperate need of an Internet connection. But this problem has no direct influence on the game itself, and its game mechanics and background story remain the same.

The game environment is randomly-generated by the system, thus providing theoretically unlimited replayability, especially in the Multiplayer Mode. As a result, you will have access to a completely “new” game environment after hours of exploration.

To get quickly familiar with the basic control, you are advised to actively request a guiding tutorial at the beginning of the game. Similar to other games, Hellgate: Global allows you to manipulate your character with the classic “WASD” control, and the mouse can be used to change your direction of view. And the set of number keys serves the purpose of launching special attacks and casting magic spells. What’s more, Hellgate: Global also offers three different “Battle Sets” which can be activated by pressing F1 to F3 respectively. Each set offers the possibility of getting fully loaded with individual weapons and items. To get ready for those fierce battles, it is advised that you should master the most powerful offensive skills beforehand.

Typical of role-playing games, you have to keep accumulating experience points through the fulfillment of tasks and the killing of opponents in order to level up in Hellgate: Global. Having successfully advanced a level, you can distribute your five character points and one skill point so as to get well-prepared for the next round. Apart from story-oriented quests, there are also numerous side quests that have nothing to do with the main storyline, but they still have many nice rewards to offer. Unfortunately, many tasks are still restrained in the traditional pattern, like “Kill 5 monsters!” and “Collect 10 items!” And we are really looking forward to some refreshing variety and creativity in this regard. The difficulty of quests is basically based on your level, so you don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed by the assigned tasks.

The gaming experience will change dramatically depending on the chosen character class. If you assume the role as a Marksman or an Engineer, Hellgate: Global will resemble a thrilling role-playing shooter. If you choose to be a Blademaster or a Guardian, however, the game will play like a classic Hack & Slay RPG. And the gaming experience of the two cabalist classes is located somewhere in between. Another highlight is that the perspective can be adapted to your own taste, so you can fight from either a first-person perspective or a third-person view.

Unlike many other action RPGs, Hellgate: Global features two distinct caster classes, that is, the Evokers and the Summoners, who are strongly dependent on their armaments. The damage output in this game is determined by not only a character’s skills and level, but also his or her weapons. Besides, the two “magicians” also need the so-called “Focus Items”, each of which has a certain amount of damage value. The higher the value is, the more damage the character can wreck on his or her opponents.

The subscribers who pay monthly fees to Hellgate: Global will have access to an elite game mode, namely, the Hardcore Mode, which is unavailable to other unpaying players. In this mode, you will be confronted with stronger opponents and have access to more bonuses.

Hellgate Global also incorporates a recommendable crafting system, which enables you to devote yourself into various professions, such as mining, tailoring and so on. When you see delicate equipments and items manufactured by yourself, you will surely be intoxicated by an incredible delight of fulfillment. If you have made some superfluous objects, you can go to a station full of vending machines and retailers where you can exchange them for money or something else.

There are in fact a myriad of valuable items ahead, waiting to be found and won. Pretty soon, you will gather up a large number of goods. If you don’t want to abandon those completely new objects, you can also focus on upgrading existing equipments which can be improved continuously in the long run.

Thanks to the DirectX support, Hellgate: Global looks great, but unfortunately, only partially. To be specific, most of the effects will give rise to excitement and pleasure, for example, the possibility of commuting between heaven and hell. However, the annoying spongy texture and the grim environment leave a tremendous impact on our gaming experience. Although the game is designed with imagination, it is still in want of careful polishes.

This is also the case with the sound. It seems pretty difficult to choose the right background music to accompany a given scene. Sometimes the really excellent music will suddenly become fast and hectic, even though not a single enemy is in sight. In contrast, when we are engaged in some dramatic battles, all we hear are slow orchestral sounds that are not suitable to the situation at all. If these problems can be wiped out from the game world, the general atmosphere will be much more enjoyable indeed.

There was much discussion in the past about the payment mode of Hellgate: Global. In a nutshell, nobody is forced to pay, but if you want more character slots, larger deposit boxes, new content and improved support, you can choose to pay a monthly fee. It’s all up to you.


I’m utterly thrilled and elated in the hell! Hellgate: Global offers a wonderfully gloomy sci-fi scenario with tons of actions and lots of good ideas. You may have assumed that cult games like Diablo 2 are unsurpassable, but you will soon realize that you are mistaken after you have ventured into the apocalyptic world in Hellgate: Global. Nevertheless, its gameplay is more or less tarnished by some small quirks. Whatsoever, its general brilliance and charm can not be overshadowed. And starting from level 10, the adventures will become all the more challenging and exciting.

Those who still don’t know whether Hellgate: Global is the right game for them despite our testing are strongly recommended to read other related articles which discuss in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the game, of course all in a purely subjective tone. Seeing is believing, so I guess you can only feel absolutely sure after you have tried it in person.


Thanks to the implementation of DirectX 10, the visual effect looks really cool. The game environment captures the realistic atmosphere of a devastated world as well as the desperate scenarios in the wake of a massive catastrophe. But some textures appear to be muddy and lack enough details.


Generally speaking, the sound effect of this game is satisfying. You can actually hear crushing noises of slaying and earsplitting sounds of shooting. The only downside consists in the background music that, unfortunately, does not fit the game situation very well. Otherwise, the orchestral soundtrack would be perfectly excellent!


Massacre monsters, collect items and improve your outfits! Hellgate Global is in essence a classic Hack & Slay, even if you are allowed to take a gun in your hand. And we have to admit that the existing gameplay is really enjoyable to the extent that you can immerse yourself in the game world for hours.


Unfortunately, there is no LAN mode available. But it won’t matter too much as long as you have an Internet connection. If you are expecting more information about its multiplayer features, please wait for a separate test which will be conducted soon by us!


In 2012 chaos engulf the earth and the gate of Hell is rifted open, letting in demons and monsters sealed in the darkness. Mankind with their modern armies and arms can not resist the invasion. After years of struggle, only a small number of people who worship and wield ancient, mystical powers survive and retreat temporarily to the underground, waiting for the right time to seize back the world and close the gate of Hell once and for all.

Prior to the map exploration is always the avatar creation. In this game, there are six available profession classes which are evenly categorized into three factions, listed as Templar, Cabalist and Hunter. Templar includes Guardian and Blademaster, both of which are divine melee knights skillful in Divinity, Assault and Defense and capable of using both hands simultaneously and proficiently with different weapons. Cabalist consists of Summoner and Evoker who are dark magicians casting powerful spells of summoning, spectral or transformation type to control monsters or even grow monsters’ horn, paw or wing to enhance their own power. And hunters can be marksmen or engineers, who are usually equipped with the most sophisticated weapons, some of which are exclusive but also require accurate aiming, and also can make drones to assist in combat. As in most games, these three archetypes are different in equipment, skill tree and combat style; yet what is unique in this game is that they may also have varied viewing perspectives, with melee class set to third-person view while ranged ones able to switch between first-person and third-person.

In Hellgate Global, enormous quests and adventures are engaging with fast-paced battling style along with sound visual effects, which will for sure offer action fans satisfactory hacks and slashes. Moreover, its developers have made the game more than satisfactory by the design of randomness, which means that different maps, monsters, items and the like will conjure up randomly every time players enter this game world. So pick up your weapon and thrust into the fight, forcing back the evil and forging the future for the earth. All account on you.

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  6. Hell Gate is one hell of an action game. The graphics and voice quality of this game is awesome. For those who love action games this is just for them. Many gamers are wondering about the game, being right one for them, they need not to worry any longer.

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