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Hellgate Global Open Beta Slated for June 30, Released by T3Fun

Sara Lau
Jun 28,2011  02:06 by

The free to play MMO Hellgate Global Open beta has been confirmed for public On 30 June 2011.

Two years have passed since Hellgate London US and EU servers were shutdown . In 2009, the publisher Namco Bandai Games announced it would take over the rights to publish the game Hellgate: London in a statement, but it has been quiet around the game since then.

In May 23, 2011, HanbitSoft Inc. officially announced and celebrated HellGate rebirth as a free version, opening the teaser site and news registration notification at http://hellgate.t3fun.com/.

T3Fun, backed by HanbitSoft, is preparing to launch the open beta for the free to play MMO “Hellgate Global”. Like Aika Gobal, Hellgate is subtitled with “Global” as a signal of suggesting this game can be played by worldwide players. According to the official website of Hellgate Global, the T3Fun team is working on the final open beta version.

Published by T3Fun.com, the owner of AIKA Global, Hellgate is a new attempt to integrate the free to play model into the classic PC game franchise Hellgate Lodon. The game now becomes a mix of MMORPG and action shooter. In the game, players march through the dark future in London. You will have to put down all of your enemies and creatures standing in your way – no matter how dark and horrible the creatures are.

Open Beta Release date and online events

On 30 June 2011, all interested players could participate in the open beta of the action role-playing game and get a taste of the new edition of Hellgate: London. In the open beta, players can grow up to level 50 and try out both the new PvP arenas as well as the co-op designed to zombie-infested Cow Room.

For all participants, there will be special rewards in the form of in-game items when they reach level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.

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