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Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters

Release Date:  November 20, 2012
Publisher:  Gamesys Ltd.
Developer:  Gamesys Ltd.
Genre:  Social Game

Here Be Monsters is a social game where you travel the world and catch monsters, in between, collecting and craft items, as well as setting up traps.


Here Be Monsters isn’t the kind of social game you pick up and play casually. It adopts an original and unique concept – trapping monsters, including goblins, Fenghuang, and Blonde Mermaids – and has offered an experience that’s incredibly immersive and fascinating. You purchase a pit from the store, place it in a forest or somewhere else, add the bait and then just wait for the monsters to be trapped.

It is difficult to complete a quest in Here Be Monsters. Basically, you only go to a specific place, meet with an NPC, accept the quest, and then build a structure, trap a certain kind of monster, or collect some fruits and grass. But the building, trapping and collecting aren’t easy at all.

Trapping, or the key feature of this game, isn’t sophisticated but more often than not, you just collect monsters that you don’t currently need. Chances are you try for many times, only to collect a handful of other monsters, have most of the baits stolen by cunning monsters and never get one monster required by the task. Therefore, you have to read the Almanac carefully, and talk with all the NPCs nearby to find any possibly helpful clue or tip.

As is the case in many social games, you will need various materials to build a work shop, a windmill or a laboratory. For example, you must collect five bags of bricks, ten piles of planks, and three windows before you build a laboratory. Those materials must be made by using other raw materials you’ve collected somehow.

The quickest way to get those materials would be to ask from your buddies. And Here Be Monster doesn’t force you to send requests to your friends and wait until some of them would give you a hand. Instead, you are allowed to add anyone you encounter in the game as your buddies and then send windows, bricks, gnome hats, mechanical parts, cow milk or white feather to them while your friends would give you things you probably need.

The beauty of Here Be Monsters is not a wide range of customization choices, the difficult but attracting trapping experience, or the simple and easy way of socialization, it is that the game frees players of the omnipresent energy hurdle. It is still true that there is an energy system in the title that regenerates energy at a specific interval and the energy obtained in that way will never be enough for one to pick the fruits, chop the trees, mine the rocks, construct the buildings, craft the tools, cook the meals, and cultivate the crops. Thankfully, you could feed your character with whatever food you’ve got, be it a piece of bread, lemonade, pie, apple or roast Squash to refill the energy.

No matter which place you choose to be your home in the game, you can always travel around the world and complete quests in different places and collect different stuff wherever you go and then place them, for example, apple trees and dandelion flowers, in your home and then pick them whenever you need to replenish your energy or make dandelion tea.

With a special theme, Here Be Monsters has broken the norms of simply collecting and hopeless need of energy and in the end turns out to be a quite tempting title.

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  1. Omu says:

    roasted squash is OP

  2. here be monsters game yes like all

  3. claudia says:

    facebook want game here be monsters

  4. Ebberly Fontana says:

    don't get sucked in – they made changes and it's now very unfair for new players – you'll never be able to be as good or get as far as the beta testers, even if you spend money on it ( and really, DON"T)

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