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Hero Smash

Hero Smash

Release Date:  2009
Developer:  Artix
Genre:  RPG

Before you get too excited of a New Browser-based MMO, remember that Hero Smash is just in its alpha beta, which only offers privilege to those Adventure Quest members.

Hate downloading MMO Clients to play City of Heroes and Champions Online? I am just assuming you highly embrace super heroes. Hero Smash includes all features of what you are longing for in City of Heroes, Champions Online, DC universe Online and many more pay-to-play MMOs.

While Hero Smash does not go the way those MMORPGs go – No Download, free to play, seamless connect – all makes Hero Smash eagerly anticipated this summer. Although the release Hero Smash has been delayed by a few bugs and glitches, these small issues cannot shadow its fun, enjoyment and excitement.

Artix Entertainment behind many adventure MMOs such as Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, and AQ World, works hard to bring this super MMORPG possible.

Since we are not the paid member of AQ World, we cannot access Hero Smash, which turns out to be a pity in this preview. But we present you a promo trailer that may help compensate for our pity.

Updates: According to the official blog, many new dungeons and areas will be added this new beta.

Along with launching this open beta, we will be raising the level cap, adding scores of new items, releasing several new areas, and populating the world of HeroSmash with many special missions that you will be able to search for and complete as you explore Super City.

Offiical website http://www.herosmash.com/

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  4. okie says:

    you can be a member of any of their games to access the game in alpha.(its current stage) Not just AQworlds. The game has gotten alot more content since the beta,including some epic bosses.

  5. Jacob13x says:

    hero smash is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

  6. neon rayz says:

    how do you ublock evil steus evil costumes in skull deep for free

  7. noor hassan albrakat says:

    i want to play games for hero smash

  8. erbin clain says:

    dont play this game this game is a weird and freak game

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