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Hero Zero

Hero Zero

Release Date:  April 6, 2012
Publisher:  European Games Group
Developer:  Playata
Genre:  Kick-Ass

Hero Zero is a superhero-themed flash browser game where you can do missions, challenge avatars, train your characters and enhance their attributes. Ultimately, your avatars will become true superheroes. The open beta was officially announced in September, 29, 2011 and the global beta was launched in April 6, 2012. Read our review.


To join in the game, all you need is a nickname, a password and an e-mail address. The registration takes only a few seconds.

Then you will be able to create your own hero or heroine with a wide variety of customizable countenance features, like eyebrow, hair style, and nose etc. But at the beginning, your avatar only wears some shabby undergarments, which is a little indecent and embarrassing indeed. Fortunately, there are a good many clothes to be purchased in the game, ranging from fluffy night-robes, sparkling sandals, transparent cloaks etc. Pretty soon, you will realize that Hero Zero is themed around humor instead of serious combat. For example, you can wear a scrambled egg as your mask or wrap your robe with a power strip, which is certainly nonsense and hilarious.

Your role’s four attributes are listed on the left side of the interface in the form of four icons, including a masculine arm, a helmet, a brain and an eyeball, each of which is indicated by its specific data. Time and again, plus signs will appear at the end of these bars, suggesting that it’s time to increase those attributes. But you are allowed to click only a limited number of times, so you’d better focus on improving your weakest attribute.

Of course, you will have to perform some missions so as to earn experience points and rewards. By clicking on a telephone-shaped icon, you can easily enter into a breathtaking community to ask for missions that can be mainly categorized into two varieties, namely Time Mission and Combat Mission. The latter will to take you to a gloomy arena where you compete against three distinct villains. Having successfully accomplished your mission, you will be rewarded with a number of coins and EXP points that can be used to boost up your skills.

Hero Zero also incorporates a duel system which allows you to pick one player from the list and fight one-on-one to the death. Dark clouds are gathered above your head; the ground is strewn with ugly crevices; all in all, the atmosphere really suits well with the intense situation, to the accompaniment of a hectic soundtrack.

Last but not least, it is also possible to take your character to a training room which is decorated with all kinds of fitness devices like a Ping-Pong table. Interesting enough, you are able to eat KFC! And the main purpose here is to enhance your avatar’s four attributes. But to my mind, the whole training is just a waste of time because all you can do is wait till the end of three minutes, that is, the training period of each skill.

In conclusion, Hero Zero is a humorous casual game that you can give a shot when you have nothing better to do. If you are interested in this game, just register for it within a few clicks and rise to be an invincible hero! And the specific date for its official launch is still unknown, but we will keep an eye on it.

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  1. Guest says:

    Is there a reason why a large percentage of these games are not in english and this is NOT mentioned in the articles? If you're writing the article in english, it does imply that the game you're writing about IS in english and that you as an english speaker were able to play the damn game!

  2. darius125 says:

    why is this game NOT in English they said nothing about this as a matter of fact all the games i played on this website were in another language

  3. freewaydog says:

    Yeah, what they said! Why can't this game be in English?

  4. adictuzgamerz says:

    …hey guys..it can be translate to english…all u need is google chrome. browser then it will automatically translate into english

  5. Paulo says:

    Here you lazy people, all you have to do is search http://www.herozerogame.com/?lang=en_GB

  6. Luis says:

    esse jogo é bem legal tá! vcs calam a boca ai

  7. honza says:

    kdy tahle hra bude v češtině ??

  8. Herozero says:

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