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Hero Zero Review

Sara Lau
Apr 9,2012  08:04 by

Developed by Germany-based Playata Inc., Hero Zero is the newest online flash game with superhero theme. Like most other superhero games, Hero Zero has a good variety of appearance options for character customization at the very beginning. However, once you play the game for a bit while, you will find that the gameplay leaves something to be desired.

You do have the option of taking on a number of missions. Missions can be divided into two categories: time mission and combat mission. As a civilian rising from humble origins with “zero” superpower, you must pick up every small thing you can do to earn reputation from others. These include such standard as chatting to your neighbors about their day in order to understand their upsets and disturbances; or helping to place a trampoline to break the fall of a man who was trapped on his roof top while he was trying to fix the satellite dish.

However, the results of time mission are particularly boring. After you accept a mission, the game merely creates a pop-up window showing the mission description and a countdown timer displaying how much time you will have to need to wait before you can collect points and money received from it. Likewise, each mission consumes energy, which is limited and refills at 0:00 am server time. Since each time mission takes no more than 10 minutes to complete, so it will keep you busily toggle back and forth between the game and other web pages, if you have something else to do. A nice setting in the game is that, you can trade in-game currency for energy, so even F2P players will seldom run into the energy shortage problem.

A combat mission, judged from its name, is a kind of quest which requires you to take on other NPC mobs in a one-on-one duel. Of course, combats happen as often as a would-be hero can expect. The combat screen, on the other hand, leaves me greatly disappointed after I had great expectation of it. Each side is presented by their own character avatars, which are permanently frozen in a single pose. That static image only trembles a little with a very comical “Ouch!” sound effect when they get damaged. And occasionally, it creates a small “explosion” effect when a critical hit is landed.

Players have 8 equipment slots and a good variety of gears ranging from transparent cloaks, bathrobes, sandals or even hair dryer, can be gained to customize the look of them. So the game offers plenty of tongue-in- cheek humor. Primary stats of your character can be raised by distributable points each time you gain a new level. Of course, you can equip your character with gears to build up his/her stats, but the most effective and fast way is to pay in coins for them. Clearly, some big-money players will dump money to send the character stats soaring high. So, when the system automatically matches you up with your potential opponents around the similar level before commencing a PVP, just don’t be fooled by it, you should always remember to bring up the menu of opponent’s statistics to double confirm.

Overall, Hero Zero is a hilarious casual game. The gameplay is weak. Given the simple combat mechanic, PVP lounge seems to be rather a joyful showplace where players assemble to show off their inspiration of character creation than a place for serious duelist. The character building mechanism may potentially pose an imbalance issue between F2P and P2P players, although I think few people will spend money to improve the gaming experience in a light casual game. The game might be an alternative choice for you, if you are seeking for a game allowing you to create unique looks.

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