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Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals

Release Date:  not confirmed yet
Publisher:  Reto-Moto
Developer:  Reto-Moto
Genre:  First-person Shooter

Reto-Moto just announced its first game: Heroes & Generals, which is a browser-based first-peron shooter MMO with a replication of WWII battleground. Currently, with an early alpha version available, the development studio has offered a limited number of players to test the server and gaming mechanics; and with the key offered by the deve studio, we are able to get the first hands on it before the official launch.

Against the second world war setting, it’s only natural for us to start selecting one side, Allied or Axis, to stand by. The WWII theme is explored much enough to render any explanation redundant. Quite predictably, a wide range of weapon types and vehicles in both land and air will be included to duplicate the historical warfare even before actual playing. And the Retox Engine does a great job in presenting a next-to-real persistent gaming world: under the dusk sky constantly enveloped by war fire, you would soon lose yourself in it as your tank is rumbling across the wilderness, crossfire still visible afar.

WWII back story is by no means new. What’s new and orignial of the game lies in its combination of first-person shooter with strategic management of back-up logistics. Consequently, in the game, you can act infantry soldier to engage in FPS combat, and meanwhile take the role of commander to freely wisely orgnize resource and army. It’s not that you have to upgrade from a soldier into a high rank; instead, only if the assult team (of allied players) put you in the position can you able to take charge, so normally you can play both roles if you like.

As mentioned, in-game characters, weapon and vehicle are all of great variety. Different tanks and combat planes are on offer; weapons of all types are categorized into Main and Secondary ones; and military units covers rifleman, tank commander, fighter pilot, intelligence officer, anti-aircraft gunner and so on. Intricate and diversified design in these aspects entails a somewhat demanding control system. Both the keyboard and mouse are needed to coordinate multiple operation: characters may run, strafe, sprint, crouch, jump, and walk in basic movement; vehicle may turn around, accelerate, fire, switch weapons and adjust rangefinder or elevation; and weapons also needed to changed, picked up or dropped, and fired in light with ever-chaging situations. All the action is controlled differently, thusly, skillful and resourceful maneuvor plays a basic yet foundamental role in the on-ground FPS battle.

FPS combat is straightforward with fierce attack and defence. Yet to gain upper hand in the fight, it’s far from enough to rely on each soldier’s individual struggle or a few teammates’ coopration, but also needs the commanders’ strategic management of resources, including both military units and war machines. A good commander sometimes can turn the tide of a battle. During one battle against a strong rival troop, our assult team was whipped badly in the beginning but won at last, just due to the reinforcements of extra tanks and men timely sent to help. Though commander is the mind of a team, he also participate in the combat most of the time, let alone when fighting soldier is in dire need.

The large strategic map and the persistent gaming world both call for multiplayer teamwork. Yet it’s delightful that individual player can also get the sense of achievement from time to time through imposing influence to the whole situation of a battle. For instance, to demolish a strategic pass cuts off enemy’s supply while a message intercepted directly affect the strategic schedule. It is another reason why the combat in the game is immersive, for you fight for no meaningless experience point but fight like a real soldier.

Heroes & Generals is designed to launch on multiple platforms, with PC being a must and Smartphone and other social network as possible choices. At present, no offical release date is confirmed. But more and more applied players will be offered keys to play the incomplete version gradually.

3 Comments on Heroes & Generals


  1. Random guy says:

    Very good game

  2. Andrax says:

    sounds great

  3. VashTheStampede says:

    I'm going to warn you all right now, they have reworked the strategy portion of the game, it basically worked itself as a pay to play game now, requiring you to pay a lot or put most your day to regain what you lost. Their player base is leaving at this point. The game was fine, i just hope they fix this, as i found it enjoyable before.

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