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Heroes of Myth

Heroes of Myth

Release Date:  2011/10/20
Publisher:  VeryCD
Developer:  VeryCD
Genre:  MMORPG

Heroes of Myth is 2D fantasy browser MMORPG where players can perform the story-driven quests, explore dungeons, engage in board attack, PK in Arena. With three classes available – Knight, Assassin and Priest, Heroes of Myth directly follows what Edragon offers. For example, the repetitive background music, quest-centric exploration, and text-based clickaway gameplay.

Developed by China-based XinDong, The game was originally released under the title 天地英雄 in Mainland China in August 27, 2010 and later it was brought to Taiwan by Comet Network.

In October 20, 2011, Heroes of Myth was officially released for English-speaking players, and it is published by XinDong, the owner of VeryCD, one of the most popular file-sharing websites in China.


Heroes of Myth makes me yawn. To put it hard way, I simply cannot figure out why such a potboiler should come into being.

Let’s start from the character creation. Only three classes of both genders are provided to choose from: Knight, Assassin and Priest. Nothing special in the class design, each of them has one specialization and two or three weapons to go with the profession, such as the high agility, quick speed and weapons of sword, knife and bow for Assassins. Based on the assassin example, you can perfectly guess what Knight and Priest are like. Already lousy as it, it turns out even more so in that such design doesn’t affect the gameplay much in practice.

The game is backed by a rather dull storyline, which coats the simple confrontation of two fractions (Aesir and Vanir) with a tasteless lovestory of proposal and refusal. We’ll know that well begun is half done. But what would it be if the beginning is the opposite? The answer obviously presents itself: the dullness of the story naturally spreads to the quest system.

There seems nothing but quests to take in the game, especially at the low-level. Guild can not be unlocked until Lv. 20, while the systems of Arena and Trade, etc cannot be accessed until Lv. 30 (although activating these systems makes little difference to the boring gameplay).

Come back to the quest system. Simply put, it’s a crap: all quests are based on texts, full of boring dialogues between your avatar and a wide range of NPCs with strangely long names, such as Kalevipoeg and Svartalfheim. It seems this mechanics has already appeared in Call of Gods. They are designed in light of the main story, providing their own plots like escorting Princess to somewhere or conveying an important message to a Somebody. However, they are invariably boring and monotonous: I browsed through the back-and-forth dialogues in the first two quests and then completely lost interests; anyway, blind clicking will get you through, whatever the mission is.

Combat is involved in some quests, and the fighting is just equally, if not worse, disappointing. Fighting happens automatically, usually lasting three or four rounds before the end. A little animation is there, not eye-feasting but at least better than the stupid body-rocking movement of the avatar when it shuffles among different locations.

Quests simply drive me crazy. Naively, I thought the Exploration would be a little better. I clicked the Exploration icon and an interface conjured up to display four types of adventure, which have to be bought for coins (gained in game) or gold (premium currency). Since coins can only buy the basic type, it naturally became the choice. After purchasing it, I waited to see the shift of interface so as to explore a vast area, alas, only to find my avatar fighting against an NPC in the small square at the bottom of the very interface, winning in a few rounds before I realized what happened.

Five minutes’ play bores me already; and another twenty-minute is simply wasted, hoping against hope to find a single passable gaming mechanics in it, without avail. In a word, Heroes of Myth really is not worth a second of your life.

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