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Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  S2 Games
Developer:  S2 Games

Trees around are charred with ashes flickering up and down. The earth is barren and rimous with web-like clefts from which crimson firelight is ablaze as if lava erupted from volcanoes is flowing. Horrible environment, however, does not daunt away courageous heroes who are nonchalantly forwarding their way. Not far away, another horde is just advancing head-on. The storm of war has no pity for the weak; fight for survival is the only way. Where is this world? It is in Heroes of Newerth.

Heroes of Newerth is a DotA-inspired team-oriented role-play online game which integrates action with real-time strategy against a fantasy setting around warfare. It is a quality product made by reputed American developer S2 Games. This game is available on various platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, from which players can download it; moreover, it also supports LAN mode; and all these have won favorable points for its acceptability among players in the market.

Conforming to typical DotA storyline, Heroes of Newerth includes two confronting factions, namely, the Legion and the Hellbourne. Each side is in possession of a wide range of heroes, with the Legion having thirty-seven at present and the Hellbourne owning forty now. Special in every fashion from appearance to attribute, all these heroes are generally shelved into three archetypes listed as Strength, Agility and Intelligence on each side. With a legendary back story, each hero is blessed with four corresponding unique skills that make him/her indispensable in the battle for a purpose. For instance, the heroine Nymphora of Legion Intelligence, paragon of rare beauty with tiny fangs behind smiles, is skillful at excising Volatile Pod, Grace of the Nymph, Nymphora’s Zeal and Teleport; while Fayde of Hellbourne Agility, a shadow summoner, is master of Cull, Burning Shadows, Scythe Stance and Reflection. Once heroes are chosen, players can get ready to participate in competitions. Two teams will start from the opposing sides of a map, which includes three separated Lanes with defensive towers evenly distributed guarding the two bases, which are Sacrificial Shrine on Hellbourne’s part and Tree of Life on Legion’s part. There will have Creeps, the AI-controlled minions, who are spawned to help in combat on both sides. On average one game will last for 40 to 50 minutes; and victory can be won by either destroying enemies’ base or making them surrender.

Apart from the excellent combat system, this game is also characterized with other highlights, such as advanced auto Matchmaking System to guarantee fair and fun competitions, excellent Game Reconnection to ensure a smooth and fluid gameplay, as well as wonderful in-game Voice-Over-IP controls to support ready communication. Heroes of Newerth is spoken highly of for a reason. Play it and you will know.

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