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Heroes of Newerth goes free to play, A big demo for new players

Sara Lau
Jul 31,2011  11:07 by

The “Free to Play” wave rolls on and takes another MMO: Heroes of Newerth.

As Bloodline Champions, Lego Universe, and Age of Conan: Unchained have become free to play,  S2 Games has prepared the freedom for Heroes of Newerth, yet the freedom version is nothing less than a “demo”.

Obviously, S2 games would maintain its advanced nature and attract more new players, which is a key move to earn more revenue and less reputation.

Earlier this month, Funcom rolled out the freedom of Age of Conan Unchained, but the result is not what Funcom was expecting as most of hardcore gamers and multiple gaming media sites criticized it for its “very limited” gameplay and pure hype.

The move of “Free to play” comes the same as all game developers are in mind. For example: both Lego Universe and Age of Conan have 2 set of accounts. If players are addicted to the freedom and feel pressured to upgrade their accounts to the membership, they will still have to pay for accounts and ingame items. While for those old players, that undoubtedly ruined the game balance.

Let’s see the three account types:

The basic version, though free signup and digital download, cannot make you do nothing. And the Verified edition reads:”by upgrading your account, you must buy Goblin Coins, or reach level XX”. S2 Games did not disclose how long exactly players should play. What does mean? An unfathomable chasm?

It seems Legacy account lets players keep playing the game, do not leave since they have already paid the game.

Games like HON:

The PvP-centric MMO Heroes of Newerth offers fans the DotA mode gameplay, which is similar to Realm of the Titans, Bloodline Champions and League of Legends. However, It is assumed that League of Legends allows for a random selection of heroes, which can be either permanently acquired through micro-transactions or battle.

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