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Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Release Date:  November 21, 2012
Publisher:  GameLoft
Developer:  GameLoft
Genre:  MOBA

Heroes of Order & Chaos (HOC), is a multi-player online battle arena game soon to be released for iOS by Gameloft (Monster Life and Kingdoms and Lords). In the game, players, able to control NPC characters, will join together in teams of 3-5 players to combat other teams with the same goal of destroying the enemy’s base.


HOC is somehow a proof of Gameloft’s blasting its way into the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, which is apparently expected to be DOTA for mobile devices. Still, the game is far from being a pale imitation of the original only. For those who are not familiar with MOBA games, you may have at least heard the surprisingly popular titles like DOTA 2, League of Legends or Heroes of the Newerth in the PC world.

Essentially, MOBAs see a few players go head-to-head in order to push their way past mobs of towers and enemy heroes and eventually destroy the main target at the enemy’s base. In case of HOAC, your goal is to destroy a crystal that is protected by towers and the opposite teams. Every player takes control of a roster of 30 various characters, each possessing its own characteristic skills and attributes. As you decimate enemies lurking in between the three routes to the enemy’s base, you upgrade your character and are entitled to use more powerful equipments.

Players have access to six free-to-play characters, with the option to buy the remaining heroes with real money if they take your fancy. The game will hopefully debut later in October this year.


Heroes of Order and Chaos is the kind of game that dazzles you at first sight, amazes you through the initial experience, but disappoints you later on.

You select a hero and then get ready for the 3V3 or 5V5 combats right away. On a fixed map, you will join your teammates in defending your towers and attacking your enemies’. You do not necessarily deal with NPCs or real players. There are these minions and dangerous creatures in the way. Attacking them and killing them, as well as the NPCs and players’ characters, brings experience for upgrade, which in turn rewards you with skill points for leveling up or activating your four skills.

During the match, you will get the game money to purchase various weapons and armors that will increase your maximum health, boost your attack, strengthen your defense and resistance or just buy some potions to heal your hero. Whatever you do, just spare no efforts in preventing yourself from being killed, and destroying all the enemies’ towers before they take down yours.

There are many heroes available – some are free while others can be bought. You are allowed to choose whichever you like before each battle, be it a mage, a fighter, or a guardian. Since your hero only gains experience by attacking and killing enemies in the battles and starts from level 1 in every match, you are free from the trouble of purposefully upgrading a new but superior hero in unnecessary battles or be forced to use old ones because of the level gap or something like that.

Also thanks to the independent upgrading system, one might probably be intrigued at trying out every character available and learn about their respective skills, strengths and weaknesses, which adds lots of fun and also prepares players for upcoming battles.

Tips and the tutorials which are specifically designed for beginner, intermediate and expert are all dubbed, forming a unique and engrossing atmosphere from the very start.

However, those concepts are nothing new. With the intensely popular Defense of the Ancients and the recently launched League of Legends on the table, it is more than reasonable to get demanding when it comes to a third game of this genre, or Heroes of Order and Chaos. Unfortunately, the new game is easily overshadowed by the two previous hits.

The originally amazing voice acting turns into monotonous repetitions once you go deep. The same brief lead-in voiced every time you start a match, the tip for changing a target after you’ve killed one, and the warning that is heard every time you are about to die, are all invariable and soon make the game kind of boring.

And the voices are not the only thing that remains the same throughout the whole game. Maps don’t change – only two maps are available, one for 3V3 battles and the other for 5V5 ones. That means you always run your heroes on the same map again and again no matter how many matches you play.

Imaginably, in such an MOBA title, strategy and team work are highly valued. Nevertheless, it is never easy to participate in a match. More often than not, you only keep looking for one until you get bored and choose to go solo, in which case you will team up with AI-controlled characters to battle against other AI-controlled heroes. And the otherwise multiplayer cooperation and strategy now relies solely on yourself.

In that way, experienced players will hardly find satisfaction in Heroes of Order and Chaos. And it is sad that newbie players won’t enjoy it either, given the fact that there is no training session for them to get familiar with the mechanics. Either way, Heroes of Order and Chaos manages to amaze players but fails to hold them.

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  1. Logiistics says:

    Players will be able to control Non player character characters?..

  2. Corey says:

    There are always npcs in a moba…. But you never control them you are restricted to the hero you choose. And 4 skills

  3. 3L1T3 says:

    What a fake!!! 100% copy from DOTA 1 and DOTA 2!!! Sad!!!

  4. Justin says:

    This game is Legit as fuck… ill destroy anyone with the cassiopia champ

  5. jUSTIN says:


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