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Heroes of the Pantheon

Heroes of the Pantheon

Release Date:  October 9, 2012
Publisher:  StudioEX
Developer:  StudioEX
Genre:  RPG, Strategy

Heroes of the Pantheon is a Facebook-based RPG game where you summon up comrades and explore dozens of dungeons.


Heroes of the Pantheon is fantastic. It is one of those games where once you get started, you never wanna leave.

It didn’t start that way though. The character selection part, from where the game literally starts, is disappointing since only two characters are playable and they are gender specific. Namely, if you choose to be a centurion, you can only have a male character and if you select sicaria, you would have a female one. Characters in this game, though having a lot in common due to the limitation of that character selection, look fabulous. The rest of the pictures, however, are always in a blur.

Not that it is important. The enhanced side-scrolling gameplay is the key. You don’t simply walk through an area from left to right and are involved in battles whenever a monster comes up. You walk your avatar in any direction you want as long as the current map allows it. Take up your weapon, and then attack anything you encounter, no matter that is a monster, a wooden case, a golden cage, a gate, or even a bridge switch. Perhaps you have done that in scores or even hundreds of games, but Heroes of the Pantheon offers maps similar to those in side-scrolling adventure games and makes the otherwise old-school and boring experience immersive and addictive.

Multiple game contents are unlocked as you level up: the campaign mode, in which you clear stage after stage until you complete the whole area map and then begin exploring in another one; challenge mode, where you consume energy to play particular contents (for example, in Coin Boost, you simply walk from left to right and claim as many coins as you can in 40 seconds); Boss Mode, where you enter a special map and try to kill all monsters and the final boss; Multiplay mode, where you team up with other players and slay as many monsters as you can.

You acquire new skills while playing this game and interestingly, you don’t use the skills by pressing numeric keys. A, S, D, F, G, Q, W and E keys correspond to different skills or potions, while arrow keys help you move the character around. However, the control would not pose any problem and you can soon get used to it.

The varying gaming contents promise fun along the way. But Heroes of the Pantheon has got its own problems.

The tutorial, though being entertaining and instructive, doesn’t offer all the information you need. That is OK – you will always have to learn in a game that incorporates so many elements. The thing is both the tips and guidance in the game show up for a few seconds and are gone, no matter whether you have finished reading them.

And once you have cleared all the stages in an area map, you have to spend real money or send some invitations to your friends to get access to the next map. The DemiGod skill, which is the most compelling one in the game, can be obtained only if you upgrade your acquired skill using the premium money. It is still the omnipresent Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win dilemma. Fortunately, no matter you choose to pay real money or not, you can always have fun in this game.

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