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Heroes of the Realm

Heroes of the Realm

Release Date:  December 13, 2012
Publisher:  OGplanet
Developer:  OGplanet
Genre:  CCG

Heroes of the Realm is a browser-based online card-based fighting game where players need to build an army of card heroes, which can be obtained through the battle against players or NPCs or purchased from the store, to fight for glory and dominance.

Heroes of the Realm, released in December 13, is published by OGplanet behind games like SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online and Lost Saga.

Localized from a Asian browser game, Heroes of the Realm tells a story that the confrontation between the Angels and the Demons broke the balance between Midland, Heaven, and the Underworld. Heres are summoned to protect their home from evil invasion and help restore the former glory.


Heroes of the Realm bears a strong resemblance to Kings of Legends, and both of the games are browser-based with a card fighting system. Even the characters look the same, and it is hard to discern the difference between the two games from its artwork and gameplay.

The game attempts to combine the city building with the card collecting while delivering a turn-based fighting experience. That should have been a great combo with such a seemingly tempting concept.

Unfortunately, the final result is far from what we were expecting. It neither brings a genuine city building experience with neat and friendly user interface, nor offers a real-time fighting. Perhaps the game will be most remembered through its repetitive piercing sound during fighting.

The game starts with a choice to pick up from one of three factions: Venizin, Kiriti, Adriago. Theoritically, there is no obvious difference regarding which faction you are devoted to and the game just indicates that the resource production bonus differs from each other. After you choose your character name, province name, and faction, you will be brought up to a new interface, a completely undeveloped and empty area surrounded by hills, woods and a river.

That is all that comes into your view. Yet the static sence quickly lets your realize this game’s graphics are as bad as if they are made by those newbie designers. Especially when you cannot toggle the game screen to fullscreen, the game becomes less engaging.

The first thing I do in the game is to receive some rewards, and then turn over a card, namely, i got my first unit card from the system. After that, I start to build the Rally Point where I should be able to manage the card units I received.

The game’s battle comes earlier that I were expecting. As soon as I’ve completed the Rally Point, I was dragged into a battle with a monster, and it comes with no surprise that I can take care of this little monster in a second with a new card received upon the victory. As I progress, I receive more cards, and I can certainly lead more card units to battle against enemies.

The battle works, as I mentioned, in a turn-based manner. Basically, you must prepare your deck before entering a battle because all battle results are determined once you enter the battlefield. Once you are in a battle, you cannot do nothing but wait for the result. The result can be shown at the speed to your liking. By default, there are four options to play the battle: 1x, 2x, and 4x. The result can also be replayed if you want to check how these little units battle in a turn-based manner.

If you have built a building called “Portal”, you may begin your journey on grinding. This setting is just the basic single player’s campaign mode that allows you to grind something in order to acquire new common cards and level up cards. As an online game, Heroes of the Realm does really feature some social options. For example, you can build your guild and arena to challenge other players.

After 1 hour’s playing, I have completed this review. One thing I should mention again Heroes of the Realm has a really small view screen under which all characters and buildings look tiny. The battle animation, as it is, serves for the useless purpose. The unit cards are good-looking with Asian anime style. Apart from that, I cannot find anything worth praising.

8 Comments on Heroes of the Realm


  1. Eiri says:

    Whoever wrote this article is ultimatly stiupid. Game graphics are better then most card games. Gamplay is very complicated and lot of factors are used. (Author cant know this becouse features in game are unlocked as progress is made. Hard to make progress in 1h).

    IF there are any problems with this game it would be :
    – Game Resolution.
    – Way to hard to obtain new heroes.
    – Standard Pay to Win model.

  2. blitzz says:

    game is horrible. Battle has zero strategy, its so bad no word can decribe.

  3. sushiz says:

    There are many strategies for this game mostly depending on character skills, and it is a complicated game.

    It should be fun for ones who like strategy games.

  4. koa says:

    The reviewer should really play the game more before writing one.

    It's like he/she started playing WOW, and then wrote the review after 10 minutes saying "all I did was hunt boars".

    Also, you are totally missing the point if you're saying that the battles are automated, so it's no good. Turn by turn tactics game can be extremely time-consuming and slow paced. The game's strategy is not in the battle itself but in the preparation of the army (army composition, hero equipment, hero skills, AI settings, formations, synergy, enchantment cards, tactics cards, effective elemental, etc.).

    Some game's strategy is in manually moving around units and fighting HOMM style, and some game's strategy is in setting up the fight carefully (FM style, should i say?). It doesn't make one type better than the other – it's different style of gameplay.

  5. Scammed by GM Crom says:

    This game is being badly mishandled by its main administrator, GM Crom. He has lied to the community time and time again. He told European players that there would never be any IP blocks in this game, then HOTR Europe comes out and IP blocks are being put into place. The European players that spent money on this game have been seriously screwed over and cheated. Their money was scammed from them with lies. There will be NO account transfers allowed.

    Do NOT play this game and above all DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. Lying to your players and dishonestly cheating them out of money should not be supported in any way. I was a loyal player from the server's start until GM Crom was unmasked as a crook and a liar, now I have quit the game and most of my guild and several other players have too.

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