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Heroes of the Realm Open Beta VIP Key Giveaway

Sara Lau
Dec 11,2012  04:12 by

DotMMO has teamed up with the OGplanet team to giveaway 500 keys to players who would play the open beta of “Heroes of the Realm“, a browser-based card fighting game. The Open Beta Testing is confirmed from December 13 to 17, 2012. You can claim a unique VIP key to boost your experience.

How to get a key:

DotMMO will manually giveaway a key to the player who leaves the email by replying this post.

Redemption Instructions:

1.. Sign-up and play within minutes at www.heroesoftherealm.com (no download needed!) starting Dec 13 to Dec 17.

2. Click on STORE button (bottom-right)

3. Click “Use Coupon” (top-right of the store window) to redeem your coupon!


The Open Beta Access Key Offers 100 VIP Mileage points for the exclusive VIP Shop during the HOTR OBT, along with an Extra 100 Cubics, to get an edge over all OBT players.

70 Comments on Heroes of the Realm Open Beta VIP Key Giveaway


  1. theking007 says:

    mmm… keys

  2. Zelus says:

    would be nice to get a key plz

  3. archgriffin says:

    i would love a beta key

  4. heero says:

    Can't wait to try this game :3

  5. blitzz says:

    Key please

  6. mmogamesite says:

    Please check your email. The unique key should be delivered.

  7. Rinald says:

    Key Please, thanks!

  8. James Miller says:

    "ocw.miller@gmail.com" thanks in advance

  9. Sin_ says:

    would like a key please^^

  10. maygwan says:

    Could i get a key pls

  11. Kat says:

    I'd very much enjoy a key – anbutakusho@hotmail.com

    Thank you~

  12. marksteele says:

    if possible could I get a key please 🙂

  13. Tenshirou says:

    Thanks you

  14. Goro Moro says:

    I can find out Store button ! Anyone can make screenshot with store button?

  15. Goro Moro says:

    Found it already – it opens with time in game.

  16. synyster g vander says:

    can i get the key ?


  17. TwR says:

    Can i get a key please? TwR1337@live.com

  18. gmr337 says:

    well, i just start playing, can i get a key, please?
    thanks in advance

  19. jorge Matias says:

    I would like a key

  20. Wisna says:

    Key for Heroes goes to wisnakeo@gmail.com

  21. Litblunt says:

    Key Plz!!

  22. mmogamesite says:

    Please Check your Mail. All sent!

  23. Suzuru says:

    Code please,
    My email:

  24. Alphonse says:

    Hey guys! I'd love a key!

  25. WetTowels says:

    It'd Be Nice to Get a Key 🙂

  26. JpRoy says:

    i want key too xD, my email is "juamard@gmail.com"

  27. Pablo says:

    Can i get a key please? pabloshirow@hotmail.com

  28. Angel says:

    Can I get a key?!

  29. thiagodraken says:

    thank you!

  30. rey01 says:

    i need key!

  31. mmorgan says:

    i need key too.

  32. mmogamesite says:

    Check Your Mail Again. You should get it.

  33. bryan says:

    need key plss

  34. Jose says:

    I want too get a key please


  35. robi says:

    a key for me"please

  36. dany says:

    key please

  37. Rawrer says:

    Key please

  38. tilen says:

    xD epic game

  39. reaperxsky says:

    Email trollhigh1@gmail.com am already playing this game trying to get alot of stuff cuz of love card games and i would love a beta key not for selfish reason because if someone likes the game and wants a beta key and will play this game for a long time best give it to him thank you

  40. Balder says:

    wow cool im waiting a long time for this wooohoooo…..son dont forget to sent me a key pls!!:)

  41. Charles Justine says:

    may i have

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