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Heroic Odyssey

Heroic Odyssey

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Koramgame
Developer:  Koramgame
Genre:  MMO

Heroic Odyssey is a brand-new browser game released by Koramgame in 2012. The game focuses on the intense conflicts between three kingdoms in ancient China, namely, Qing, Chu and Han.

In the year of 201, the exotic land of China was inflicted by endless warfare among three mutually hostile factions. After years of struggles, three kingdoms finally reached an agreement of truce. However, the hard-earned peace is about to be broken due to the emergence of a legendary weapon which, according to rumors, has the godly power to unite the vast land. The epic mission is now falling on your shoulders. Do you dare to foray into the scorching theatres of war and battle it out?


I have never seen such an “overwhelmingly marketing unfinished game as Heroic Odyssey (HO), which directs me so forcefully level by level that I was laughing at its knowingly uncared errors without feeling angry.

Fun as it is, this game can definitely claim the world championship in cheekiness contest with the most careless translation that can possibly appear in a released version. When gamers try to figure out the meaning of the broken quest sentences, they will find it impossible sometimes, such as when the quest is a mixture of English and Chinese pingyin even Chinese characters.

Heroic Odyssey, as a Chinese piece of work from Koramgame, just uses English to block its native players, as well as Chinese characters to make English-speaking gamers awed to quit. What a contradiction that the company is so shy to do a beautiful translation while obviously gesturing its ambition towards international market. I suspect that they make the game as an enchanted drunkard and finish the game translating when sobered up.

There are more ridiculous things that may also be exclusive to Heroic Odyssey. On a certain level, my character portray changed from a pretty girl to a panda for several levels and back to a girl later. I think such a change must be based on my grant, in case I am notified as killed before I realize it is me. Besides the careless text that may tell me to report to the king of Qin when I am a member of Han, I am badly treated in other ways. I was asked to flirt with a princess. The conversation is just what I cannot ignore because it has been talking about marriage. However, all this feels more humorous than annoying.

Let’s have a look into what is behind such brave offences to us and how a peddler works without serious language

First, the game is nice to the ear with a soft melody, as well as good-looking both for its well-arranged interface and the expressive graphics. Besides a pet system and mount system that change and update every few levels, you witness in HO the widest variety of flowers (nameless or famous), human clothing, and animal NPCs.

All gamers may be surprised at the level-up speed. The quest presenting is effective. You go to where you must upon the click to accept the quest. The travel won’t be interrupted by harassment from NPCs. With the help of detailed local maps that indicates players, NPSs and buildings, Leg work makes up the major part before lvl 25, alternating with the easiest combats you can imagine. The combats are done automatically. Your character aims at foes automatically; a new foe stands up where the former one is killed automatically; and your character returns to instructor-NPC automatically. All this happen in an eye- blink. You just need to focus on one enemy in case multiple enemies are triggered to attack you together.

The first real challenge begins with village dungeon in lvl 29, where you must reach the target through a good number of its guards. After a couple of failed attempt, I learn to go by the edge of hills in order to trigger as few guards as possible. Thus I killed all the guard two by two, instead of being overwhelmed by four of them each time. But the hope to defeat such a huge boss is lean. No trick to play .The game sets an impossible quest here, just before lvl30, which entitle you to attack any player in non-peace mode.

This is where I got to the most substantial in-game help ever since. Fellow players of opposite gender ask to team up with you for any tough tasks. The fully open chat system enables you two to meet, travel and fight together. When you are hurt, healing is a matter of a minute through a spiritual activity. This is a noble cooperation in Chinese martial art, but quite a sweet experience to somebody. Many couples are seen floating face to face in public and some of them are beyond lvl 35 and get married.

Thanks to the romantic setting of help, I obtain the ability to jump high and fly, namely “qinggong” in Chinese. Although HO’s has at the opening boasted itself as a world of Chinese martial art, its skill system isn’t complicated as deduced. They are all about the speed, power and complimentary effect of attack, e.g. attack while making enemies unable to move. The competition mode is opened simultaneously with advanced skills. You are allowed to attack those from different teams, guilds, countries or just everyone. HO also offers an achievement system that record down your behavior in interaction, hero controlling. Even travelling counts a lot, especially for experience accumulation of your pet and amount.

Well, I just suggest a quick follow-up translation effort to finish the game, at least to make it appear rational.

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