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Heroic Odyssey Preview: A Half-done production

Sara Lau
Feb 14,2012  06:02 by

Chinese martial arts or “wushu” has risen to prominence with their charming characteristics of long history and various divisions. Games centering on ancient Chinese martial arts originally target players in Asia. While there has been a great increase in “Wushu” within western countries recently. In the wake of Age of Wulin,  more and more martial arts MMOs were localized for English-speaking countries and hit the market. Heroic Odyssey marks Koramgame’s first hit browser game in 2012 and has been undergoing OBT since mid-January. The storyline of game revolves around the war-engulfed ancient China where 3 biggest mutually hostile kingdoms co-existed. Your decision on choosing which fraction to stand on will dominate the battles that lie ahead.

When you enter the game, you get to choose one from 3 combat schools known as Kunlun, Kongdong and Tangmen. Each fraction has its preferred weaponry, combat style. Then you go on with choosing your avatar and naming your character. After that, the story drops you directly to the newbie town. As a traditional 2D RPG, everything is sketched in 2D isometric view, it features really extensive 2D drawing and art, which renders the beautiful vivid landscape of ancient Chinese village. And thanks to technological advance, the real-time appearance display system, which is very common for a client-based MMO, is now applied in a web-browser game. It enables you to change your look in real-time as you change your gears. But on the other hand, the intensive and complicated graphics caused intermittent lag and disconnect problems; furthermore, it takes too long to load the game. The background sound track done by Chinese pluck-strings instruments is also melodious and elegant to ear.

New players may get lost in routine tasks and huge maps in common Action RPG, but in Heroic Odyssey the auto path-tracking system can assist you through the games without any hurdles. Even if you new to MMO games, simply clicking the high-lighted character or destination place names displayed in quest description dialogue box will make it. Then you will finish the main quests step by step. In tutorials nothing fun can be found but clickaway: Click to rendezvous with task assignees here and there and you get your character levels soaring up so easily. The combat is also done automatically, and you don’t even bother to click the mob to target it.

There are some other Chinese cultures-bound mechanisms. The Meridians system is just one of them which may confuse a great many players. Roughly, Meridians, according to traditional Chinese medic theory, are paths connect human acupuncture points and carry life energy within. They are usually exaggerated in many martial arts centered movies and games. In this game, Meridians can be regarded as skill trees. Your character can practice a certain type of meridian when level prerequisite is met. Meridians either grant attributions points boost or enable you to master special moves.

Speaking of localization, I’ve heard tons of people gripping about the awkward translation. Misspelling, bad grammar, funny and naive sentence-structuring, alternating with Chinese Pinyin and other weird symbols may force a native-speaking player to quit. So I strongly recommend producer to do the proofread and follow-up.

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