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Heroic Reign

Heroic Reign

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Editor Note:

Last Week, OutSpark announced its newly developed browser game platform, suggesting this MMO company begins to operate browser games by working with browser game developers. The business prevails in China, and it seems to be increasingly popular in US. So far, Aeria Games,  IGG, OutSpark, Lekool, Yoogames, Bigpoint has scored an impressive advancement in this field. It is said, Perfect World and ChangYou are also working on browser MMORPG games.  

Heroic Reign is a rebuild of what is so-called Browser city building game “Excalibur Online” that was published early 2010 when Lords Online, Evony, Caesary and Kingory are all at their zenith.

The game is developed by China-based Radiance Digital Entertainment (Omniverse Games). With high expectation, the folks announced the open beta, and there has not been any update since then. In December 2010, the dev team reached an agreement partnership with OutSpark to publish Excalibur Online under the new title “Heroic Reign”. Currently, OutSpark has published 7 Dragons, Lord of Ages, and Heroic Reign.

Although Heroic Reign has most of the functions that a mature game owns, It is not that attractive compared with the trendy games like Senatry, Indomitus, and many others.

According to Jonathan Seidenfeld, CEO of Omniverse Games, Heroic Reign was not  advertised very much since Omniverse is just a small studio with limited budget to develop the game.

An Email back from the CEO when we previously published his news:

Thanks for publishing our most recent press release. We look forward to advertising our game just as soon as we can build up enough revenue from sales in order to give us an advertising budget. Omniverse is a small company!

Until that time we’d still like to cooperate with you however we can. We’d love to do a cross promotional item giveaway for example. We could supply the codes banners, etc and link to your site as well as a mention on our Facebook page. Does this sound like something we could do together?


Some Tips to develop your city:

Your town is where you produce resources. Click on an open square and build a Sawmill, Quarry, Blacksmith, or Farm. Once building construction has started, go back to your City.

Keep developing your city, recruit armies, and try to become the most powerful kingdom in the land. Pay attention to resource production and defensive structures. You can invite your friends to play for added rewards and bonuses.

Mini Story:

It is said that he who wields the mighty sword Excalibur will unify Britain and bring peace to the land. A mighty leader armed with the legendary sword is the your only hope for a return to gentler, more civilized times.

But not just anyone can claim the sword, and worthiness must be proven on the field of battle. Are you worthy enough to claim Excalibur ?

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