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Hidden Adventures

Hidden Adventures

Release Date:  May 3, 2012
Publisher:  Mindjolt
Developer:  Mindjolt
Genre:  HOG

Hidden Adventures is a Facebook-based hidden object game where players can search for hidden objects, explore London for clues and uncover secrets of the Shadow Society.


Hidden Adventures is dedicated to Will Townsend, who was the initial producer at SGN working on the game before his untimely death in December, 2011. He is missed and remembered fondly by his friends and colleagues at SGN. Will’s original description for the game shows the creativity, humor and thoughtfulness that made him such a great producer:

London: the infancy of the Industrial Age. The city is dark, dirty, filthy, poor, sickly. As the old neighborhood of classic London starts to age and fall to ruin, the mighty power of coal and steam engines roar to life on the barges of the Thames. Here and there, electric lamp posts have dotted the shops in the high-society neighborhoods.

You are the new detective at Scotland Yard, and far from the freshly swept streets on the north side of town. Home is the bottom of the dark underbelly of the Seven Points neighborhood of London – the most notorious home of robber-barons, carpet baggers, and socialites fallen from grace. This is a world of secret passages and dark alleys, colorful characters with a hidden agenda and unsolved mysteries under every cobblestone.

Expect to find bookcases leading to hidden libraries, fireplaces that can shift at the push of a button, secret laboratories under the stairs. This is all expected when dealing with Seven Points – but here there’s more than Mystery – Magic has come to life as well.

Our characters have adopted specific behavioral affectations, seeking to imitate standards of Victorian conduct, pronunciation, and phrases. The inhabitants of this world would be known to exchanging calling cards, and use fountain pens to write spells on parchment in florid prose sealed by wax.

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9 Comments on Hidden Adventures


  1. julie Yates says:

    need people to play this game…. frustrating the tI can not go further until someone decides to play.

  2. Margarida Carvalho says:

    Add me to play Hidden Adventures.
    I need friends.
    Thank you, very much!

  3. Ellen says:

    i agree, you get stuck unless you can get more people to play. I've been stuck at the same place for days.

  4. amber says:

    is it compatible for macbooks

  5. anie says:

    This game is fun, when it works. It seems to have some bugs where you suddenly cannot play anymore, get lost connection messages, and there is no fix. I have updated my flash, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleaned history, cookies, everything else, but to no avail. I have sent messages to the developers and have received no response. The only solution I can find is to remove and block the game and look for something similar that actually works.

  6. CBorry says:

    Just started game and have NO neighbors to help me, PLEASE add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. christele says:

    Bonjour, impossible d'ouvrir le jeu, on m'indique qu'il y a une erreur dans l'addresse du jeu. Si quelqu'un a la bonne addresse, merci de remettre le lien sur la page de hidden adventures merci.

  8. Will Weather says:

    Good day, with the weather being quite bad this morning so I thought I would call in sick and surf the web instead, I must say it was honestly a fine experience for me as I checked out this web site. I hope you don't mind if I praise you upon the superior quality of the work and to wish you bon chance with it as you grow from now on. It was a hoot to explore this site and I shall surely be dropping by again soon to find precisely how you're developing. Take care and I shall see you here soon – Will Weather

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