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Hidden Express

Hidden Express

Release Date:  October 18, 2012
Publisher:  Making Fun
Developer:  Making Fun
Genre:  HOG

Hidden Express is a new Facebook-based hidden object game that your goal is to find items as the mission requires as you travel by train. The game is developed by Making Fun, which was previously publishing games such as Hidden Haunts and BloodRealm.


Hidden Express breathes new life into the seemingly standardized hidden object games.

You still have to identify the objects listed in the bottom as quickly as you could. As you level up, you will unlock different power-ups, for example the magnifying glass that helps you spot items – unfortunately it can be used for once only in each game.

This hidden object title is named as Hidden Express for a good reason. All the items listed in the bottom are on the clue train that moves slowly from left to the right. Whenever you start a game, you see the boxcars in the middle. By spotting the item listed on a boxcar, which sometimes has two or more items on it, you remove the very car and pull back the train. The more quickly you identify those items, the sooner you will pull back the whole train and see the engine, which also has an engine clue. You need to spot that item to win the game.

Surely, you obtain scores when you spot items. But in Hidden Express, you might not obtain the most scores by spotting most of the items. The faster you see the engine and spot the item written on that engine, the more scores you can get. And naturally, when the whole train goes left and runs out of your sight and you still haven’t find the items, you will lose.

You are not visiting a house or a mansion. You move the train across city after city, each with some stations, or pictures, where you stop by and play. That is very delighting actually. However, it is a pity that some of the pictures are exactly the same and since the items’ positions are never changed no matter how many times you visit, the excitement and challenge would lie in the changing of the items to be discovered. Therefore, once you’ve play on the same picture for enough times, you might find no more fun in challenging again.

10 Comments on Hidden Express


  1. cath brown says:

    my hidden express game loads up 100% but does not come on have played up tp gate 62

  2. jane clark says:

    totally impossible to request keys….not played it for weeks now as I cant get anyfurther…..so stupid..as I really enjoyed playing it…..you need to improve the stupid key request thing……jane..x

  3. june stockford says:

    Tried to load it just comes up out of synic reload and wont let me, this is so frustrating as i have been playing it for months…..

  4. germain says:

    This hasn't worked since early a.m. ….what is the problem .. why is it taking so long ..

  5. kashmir says:

    PLEASE! Get rid of the keys.This is a fun game so why have something like that get in the way of people playing??????

  6. shirley bennett says:

    totally fed up trying to get keys its ludicrous and frustrating thanks for nothing

  7. Norman Williams says:

    i just paid $10.00 to pass through a gate to continue with the game. It took the money off my debit card but no advancement. Who the heck do i contact to resolve this. I like the game and hate the fact that i have to spend money but if i spend money…i want to see results!!!! My wife is talking about kicking me out of the house because one of the 6 kids happened to need milk today…bad luck all around.. someone help me!!!

  8. Kathryn DeYoung says:

    I need five unlocks – anyone willing to help?

  9. Colette says:

    I have really enjoyed playing this game and have scored most of my three stars, but all of a sudden the carriages have disconnected, therefore no chance of playing again. What has happened? Please help.

  10. Joyce Sims says:

    what does it mean when it says train out of sync

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