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Hidden Haunts

Hidden Haunts

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Making Fun
Developer:  Making Fun
Genre:  Hidden Object

Hidden haunts is a hidden object game similar to any of the latest HOG works into Facebook. The major action is seeking. Supplementary content like building and decoration can be for the sake of pleasing the sad ghost. The game gives you reputation and chances to be a hero. You give the game constant attention and, fee.

To be honest, not long ago, I just thought players’ enthusiasm towards those object-click puzzle games has faded, as 3D MMO RPGs are dominating the game market. However, recently I began to notice that Facebook has sprung up a great number of hidden object puzzle games (Gardens of Time, Hidden Chronicles). As a Facebook gamer I am very amazed at how many among them are really good. Hidden Haunts is just such a worthy entry in this gaming catalog. The game was just launched a few days ago and is offering Facebook gamers a chance to experience what they can expect from a hidden object game.


This game is not beautiful in appearance; the exterior atmosphere is damp, smelly, and ill. The mansion for you to decorate is full of fog. Characters seem like copies from any cartoon, with careless eyes never looking directly into the player. Looking at the pictures of Hidden haunts, you think of a timid ghost, a rheumatoid sufferer, a deteriorating egg. But it’s totally different when you get into the scenes.

The first quest is pointing out 6 differences between two groups of painting. These paintings feature an ultimate dreariness that can appear on a human’s face and body, so that your insight can be infected with such dreariness. In fact any culture has such a phase (for decades, up to a century), as anyone born in its years are well beyond the imagination of other phases in their similarity to corpse and their belief in beauty. I mean the paintings are about such creatures. They are good at silencing the world, at least the surroundings to convince you that nothing happened to be, to do, or to see.

The second quest is sitting room. The best graphics I have ever imagined. In fact I feel guilty because I have no time to test whether it is a photo. The room is brilliant. Enough light makes people happy. The fur shawl is the first influence to make people confused whether it is a computer-assisted painting or a photo. There are few things scattered on the floor, which is common to see in many other HOG. A gem ring is worn to an antler; a berry is put on the nose tip of the deer, making its nose like a kitty. a horse shoe(U-shaped) is hung beside a wall lamp(whose supporting neck is U-shaped), making itself like the other half of the lamp. Here, let me give some example about how the scene designers tease people to let people love such teasing while hate themselves. The bat meant by the scene is a bat with its wings fully opened, so as to perfectly fit into the space between other patterns. The eyeball of god is set into the eyehole of a bull, but it doesn’t make it a bull’s eyeball, because you must have noticed they are different and they must be different. And there is a deer-shadow. It’s a real shadow, maybe formed by two hands. But the bright hole left there make you think it’s a painting of deer with bright eyes rather than a “shadow puppet”.

Cabinet is a room full of small-sized items, mostly artwork. This part is also properly difficult, by making nearby things look remote, or making independent things like accessory part of its adjacent neighbors. However, whenever you find the object, you repeat the word once: untypical. Yes, HOG won’t give the typical things that fit your impression. For example, the kungfu-man is not Bruce-lee, but a Japanese one in a dancing gesture. When it wants you to find some typical things, there are necessarily many many untypical things around to confuse you. When you are looking for a cherub, meaning a fat baby angel, there are as many as six fat babies in the scene and the smallest is one with wings-the fat cherub.

Garden is another series of funny surprises. A penny, which I deemed as a silver one, is a golden one put on the golden heart of sunflower. Such a big penny! Who can think of such a big penny as large as the sunflower? The cow, pig and goat are their small head sticking out of a wood and the ruler is of the same length with the wood. The high hat of Santa Claus is a carrot.

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24 Comments on Hidden Haunts


  1. Sheila says:

    until a week ago i was able to play the game no problem, now i am unable to see the bottom row of items to search for, will you please let me know what i need to do to fix this? thank you sheila.passant@yahoo.com

  2. Lois Corse says:

    there is a bar that runs from the messages across the rest of the page and I am unable to enlarge the page to full screen. I have waited for over a month to play this game and am unable to.

  3. Lois Corse says:

    I have tried all the suggestion about enlarging the screen to full screen and they did not work. There is a film type substance of the full screen button that prevents me from enlarging it and Ctrl +0 does not work either, neither did changing my resolution.
    lois_corse @yahoo.com

  4. CinCity says:

    How do you move an item after its been already been placed?

  5. Laurie Johnson says:

    I love this game and need neighbors!!!! Please friend requst me and just put the name of the game so ik who u r!! Thanks;)

  6. Lesa says:

    what is wrong with the game . i can not send or recive gifts and can not ask for help , and i have to re-buy things i already have to compleate quest

  7. Angela says:

    What is wrong with the Hidden Haunts game on Facebook? The screen will not open up all the way, so there is no way to play the game.

  8. Marguerite says:

    I have no indication of the very last article that I need to find in each game. For example, it shows 11 things to be found, but there are only 10 mentioned, and once I find the 10th, the bar on the bottom is completely black; there's nothing there, but there remains one more article, and I have to use a hint to highlight the piece that I had no way of knowing I needed to find.

  9. Brenda says:

    Marguerite …. Look to the left of the black bar, where the list of items to be found, is located. You will should see a round circle with an item glowing inside of it. That item is the 11th item that you must find to complete that search. Hope that this has been some help to you in locating the last items needed. 😉

  10. diane says:

    need HH friends on FB…

  11. Lisa White says:

    The game won't open. I don't get it.

  12. Dorothy Ciezak says:

    I need hidden haunts neighors,,,pelase

  13. Cupid's Fire says:

    How do I move pieces? I click on the item or house, it lights up, but no options are given/offered. I want to move some of the houses around but I am having trouble… Also how do I get rid of the dead trees?

  14. Elane says:

    wow! sounds just like PlayDom/playdumb!! think i'll pass

  15. jayne says:

    i need neighbours pleae

  16. Mel says:

    How do I move my stuff around after placing them. I click on them and they don't move and I don't see a button to move with.

  17. Elton says:

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    such methods to your won blog.

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