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HiThere’s Winning Goal Opening Server Events in June

Sara Lau
Jun 2,2011  10:06 by

Welcome to the world of Winning Goal. A fun, in-depth, and brand new soccer management game. In Winning Goal you will lead your team with passion and fury. You can pick, trade, and play world-famous soccer players. Start by playing low level matches to develop your own managing skill and style to take down the soccer giants.

Open your browser and begin playing immediately. In Winning Goal you watch your team play in broadcast-style matches in awesome 2.5D graphics. More than 5000 world famous soccer stars are waiting for you to lead them to eternal glory. The game features great team formations, player cards and a cool player skills system, creating a really fun and addictive game experience.

If you haven’t played a management game before, here are some tips to be a successful player in Winning Goal.

After you create your manager, the first thing to do is focus on leveling your manager level up. The manager level is fairly important to Winning Goal. With the increasing of manager levels, you will obtain more skills and become a better manager.

“Hat Trick”, Winning Goal’s first server, is currently hosting several cool events to coincide with the launch of Winning Goal on HiThere.com.

One of the current events taking place in Winning Goal, “Level Up Rewards” gives you some awesome rewards. When you reach levels 4 and 10, you will receive some great items to help you increase the value of your players and enhance the strength of the whole team.

Level Up Rewards

: http://wg.hithere.com/events.html?aid=3

Winning Goal has a unique player-card system. There are more than 5000 cards of world famous soccer players. Card quality is essential to getting good players, the card qualities break down as: Normal (green), Medium (blue), Elite (purple) and Epic (orange). The higher your player’s card quality is, the better the attributes your player will be, which will obviously improve your team.

HiThere’s Winning Goal also has the “First-time Buyer” event currently running. Players who charge their accounts for the first time will receive orange player cards, helping them to become stronger and faster.
First-time Buyer:http://wg.hithere.com/events.html?aid=1

Come check out Hithere’s Winning Goal and take down the whole league.

More Events: http://wg.hithere.com/events.html
Winning Goal Homepage: wg.hithere.com

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