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Release Date:  August 16, 2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Phosphor Games Studio
Genre:  RPG

Horn, priced at $6.99, is a 3D action adventure RPG game available both at Google Play Store and APP Store. The game allows players to explore fantasy world by tapping or touching their screen to solve puzzles, slay monsters, engage in intense battles and hunt for loots.

Based on Medieval Romance: King Horn, the game Horn lets players role play a blacksmith’s apprentice named “Horn” and take responsibility to unchain people and animals cursed by demons when you were sleeping, and ultimately invalidate the curse throughout the world.


You are this young man named Horn, who is the blacksmith’s apprentice and wakes up just to find yourself all alone in a hostile world, having no idea about what has happened or how much time has passed or wherever you are. Terrified, you start exploring, or to be specific, feeling your way through the ruined buildings and discover after a while a rusty weapon that proves to be quite useful.

But then suddenly a shadow falls on you, and a gigantic Pygon-form creature moves away like a wild mountain above you. You understand that you are still in your home country, and it’s time to set out on a journey to pay off a terrible curse.

Basically Horn is an enormously upgraded version of Infinity Blade. But Horn explores much further in the Touch’n’Slash genre. The ruined landscape is completely accessible and there are no predetermined paths between battles. That allows players to explore the whole world as they wish.

Horn is like any other action adventure where the camera can rotate completely at any time. That’s necessary because often enough you have to spot gems along the side passages off the main paths. But the result is: The game is decelerated and it takes time to fully explore the environment. However, after a short adaptation, you will be able to move your avatar around as fluently as you do with a stick.

In confrontations with the Pygons you will then get to know the origin of Horn. It borrows the exciting but never unfair fighting mechanics directly from Infinity Blade. Nonetheless, players can move around enemies by pressing the two large buttons in the corners and thus avoid their attacks.

Whether you enjoy Horn pretty much relies on how you explore and how you fight. It would be good, but not outstanding. Fortunately, you will also get the chance of solving puzzles and collecting items and as long as you’ve collected enough resources and of course money, you can craft new weapons, improve or customize your existing ones.

The graphics of Horn speak for themselves. Every scene has been designed as pretty as a beautiful painting – not a trace of sterility could be found. The surface of the Pygonhaut shimmers mysteriously; the appearances of large specimens cause goose bumps. Great speaker and the dedicated orchestra music stand for the effort and help create the best atmosphere you can ever find in such titles

Horn raises the action-adventure in the AppStore to a new level. The lack of a control stick doesn’t decrease its appeal. There is no desperate attempt to transform the game as a console or handheld title. Instead, the developers have embraced the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone / iPod and especially the iPad. The result is a small masterpiece, which fascinates players with its impressive graphics, mystical sound and fabulous atmosphere.

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