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HTML5 and 3D Browser Games with JavaScript Frameworks

Sara Lau
Sep 5,2011  05:09 by

Are you an experienced game programmer? Can you imagine that you can develop a 3D game which runs in the browser? Have a look at “HTML5 and 3D Browser Games with JavaScript Frameworks” and find your answer! This book is authored by Manuel Schenk who holds that nothing is impossible with the combination of HTML5 and JavaScript.

Although HTML 5 is still in the development phase, it has already been quite mature in terms of its design. Many critics reach a consensus that HTML5 will be a huge hit in the future and the browser game market will benefit greatly from HTML5. In fact, there is already the first batch of HTML5 browser games available now. Developers are strongly recommended to read the book “HTML5 and 3D Browser Games with JavaScript Frameworks”, which may inject fresh blood into the game industry. We would like to present this book to you in a brief introduction. Those who are interested in the topic are welcome to have a look at the subsequent review.

The subtitle of the book indicates that this is a practical book which is targeted for experienced JavaScript developers. So it is advisable to acquire some basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript before you peruse this book. Besides, you are also required to have a great interest in the topic, be able to speak another language, and boast extensive programming experience. Otherwise, the content is unfortunately not understandable because the author explicitly expressed that his book is for advanced programmers. Wow! It is really demanding! However, if you belong to the suitable target group, don’t hesitate to lay hands on this very practical book!

The book can be roughly divided into two sections. The first major section talks about the 2D programming while the second part, which is comparatively short, revolves around achieving a 3D graphical effect in your browser.

In the book, Manuel Schenk manages to make an impressive introduction to the subject. He elaborates on related theories, which are supplied with practical examples. To begin with, he lists some obligatory examples, such as the output of texts and images. After a few words and several examples of back buffers, the book moves on to the first section which instructs you to develop a complete 2D browser game with JavaScript and HTML5. The author also manages not to overwhelm the readers with professional expertise; on the contrary, the whole process goes on smoothly. The game gradually expands and extends, enabling you to find out the point immediately and stimulating you to read the next chapter.

The framework of the book is also crystal-clear: at first, it centers on creating animated characters and in-game items; then it discusses how characters’ interaction and progression are achieved; and finally, the book explains the steps to program intense actions against enemies. Of course, it also incorporates detailed instructions to add background music and to create sound effects.

As a result, your first HTML5 JavaScript browser game is as good as done. The game is even extended to include a level editor in the book. Anyway, before long, we will create a very simple, but featured browser game in the best Diablo-style. The game serves as a demonstration that everything is possible when HTML5 and JavaScript are integrated together.

There is the subject X3DOM cut in the last part of the book which is still dominated by practical examples, guiding you through to create a complete game. The difference is that the game is programmed in a 3D environment this time.

All code examples can be downloaded from the author’s website, so we are spared the hassle of retyping them. All examples, except the games with sound samples, are able to run in the Firefox browser (version 6.0.1) and Opera. And according to the author, the sound samples will run on Google Chrome. He also explained that their malfunction in Firefox and Opera is due to the lack of relevant implementations.

In conclusion, readers can expect some easy-to-understand practical examples from the first pages in “HTML5 and 3D: Browser Games with JavaScript Frameworks”. The highlight of the book consists in that it wipes out all the boring forms of programming; on the contrary, you can literary learn HTML5 and JavaScript while playing, and after only a short time, you can develop an entire browser game by yourself.

However, the book is not recommended for beginners and green-hand programmers. The statement may not be understandable by all potential readers, but it is certainly reasonable. Of course, there are other people who own lots of programming experience. This group of audiences, however, is definitely recommended to read this book. HTML5 boasts great potential to reshape the online gaming industry, so you are advised to take a look at the book which can be bought from Amazon with around 25 Euros.


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