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Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village

Release Date:  Apr 05, 2012
Publisher:  Gameloft
Developer:  Gameloft
Genre:  Building

Developed by Gameloft, Ice Age Village is city-building simulation game which has recently hit the Apple Store and attracted millions of downloads. Clearly, this free-to-download title is inspired by the popular film series Ice Age, making it possible for you to build a thriving village for a variety of familiar animals, including mammoths, smilodons, sloths etc.


Ice Age Village adopts 2.5D visuals while the adorable characters are rendered in 2D graphics. But even so, you will be promptly fascinated by the game’s art style because of its exotic settings, exquisite designs and cuddly animals. In addition to sharing the same characters, Ice Age Village doesn’t have further similarities with Ice Age.

Having claimed your ownership to a patch of unplowed land in the ancient Ice Age, you start to get busily involved in all sorts of traditional quests, like establishing cozy habitats respectively for different animals, enriching the little village with more variety of historically accurate creatures and inviting your friends over to flaunt your phenomenal achievements.

Though the game is free, you can also purchase some premium items to quicken your progress. If you don’t want to, it is also possible to participate in multiple missions and earn coins or acorns with which you can purchase decorations and build roads. Besides, there are also various interesting mini-games. For example, Ninja Scrat sees you as the famous squirrel and asks you to beat ferocious piranhas which constantly jump out of water in hordes.

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  2. Annelizekc says:

    I've been playing the game for about two weeks now. Great game, by the way! The only problem I am experiencing is when I want to visit a neighbour's village, it always tells me that I need to update the game. I click Yes, it restarts the game. I go back to visit another village, and BAM!! it does the same thing.. what can I do???

  3. philo says:

    how do we play this game iv been trying to play it for weeks but it does not come! help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. rahu94 says:

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