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Idle Worship

Idle Worship

Release Date:  2012
Developer:  Idle Game
Genre:  Social Game

Have you ever dreamed of being the ruler of a small island or become the creator of simple-minded and cute alien beings? Idle Game just launched their new social game which opens up a new genre coming with the “God” title. Idle Worship is such kind of game which can grant you these wishes. In Idle Worship, you can take the role as the god of a group of humanoid creatures, which are created by mud and are named “Mudlings”. So it is up to you to make all the Mudings stand in awe of you or fear you.


The animations and characters feature the brightly-colored hand-draw cartoony style which appeals to younger groups. Your objective is to maintain your godly influence over your worshipers and get them to work to expand your island empire. The core gameplay of the game is actually pretty original, you need to send Mudlings to gather resources like wood, gold, fish in order to build houses or to feed on themselves. It is very hilarious and just so funny to watch the little one trembling and teeth chattering in horror, when you try to scare it by grabbing and lifting it into mid-air. After you enjoy your silly time enough, you can toss it off near woods, stones piles or unfinished house to force it to harvest resources or build construction.  The number of Mudlings you assign to a certain task will affect the amount of time it takes to complete, and this is almost identical to that of those civilization-building games.

You can pay the premium currency to speed up construction on your buildings if you do not wait for longer. Alternately, you can allocate more Mudlings to the building task. There are also cute and sick humors in the game: you can throw Muddlings into sea and watch them desperately struggling with their eyes popping out of their head before they finally sink into the sea; try and toss someone into the volcano and see the skull-head-shaped explosive clouds burst out; or, to give your worshiper a big and gentle poke from a giant finger coming out from the cloud to boost their “faith” if they are working to a tight schedule and are beginning to be absent-minded at works. And you will find more cheeky and hilarious elements, if you keep trying.

The other touch of the game is how the game handles its social part. There is no friend-list bar situation on the bottom of the game interface. Actually, in Idle Worship, you are not encouraged to brag about your achievements by posting unnecessary information on others’ wall in order to get more stuff. Although, the game has a familiar feature which allows you to freely interact with many people even though they are not on your buddy list, it does not force you to do that unless you are willing to. Likewise, you can also play harmless tricks on others’ domain like summoning bunnies to cover their island, or do others some favors by gifting them resource packs. Contrarily, you can play vicious tricks and set their Mudlings’ heads aflame, or smite them with thunderbolt. Their facial expression will show whether they are happy or distressed.

Overall, the thing that sets Idle Worship apart from other similar casual games lies in the gaming presentation and the humor. Too many Facebook games have come and gone and most of them have been forgotten because they failed to make a good deal of varieties. While Idle Worship did a nice job, by setting a good example to other game producers and showing them what kind of innovative elements the next-generation Facebook games must have.

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  1. lucy says:

    how do i make my island bigger ?

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