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Idle Worship Review

Sara Lau
Mar 19,2012  06:03 by

Idle worship is a hit, broad and profound.—I know the fact before I begin to play it. Create your followers like a creator of religion. This game, according to myself, is a take-it-easy playing about what humans are crazily concerned about for millenniums, especially humans from religion-based cultures.

Use Water alone or sand alone to create life, and you failed. Use water and sand combined, and you succeeded. A simplified research process leads us to the competition of creating life, keeping them loyal, and making more and more of them. Let’s see how the creatures lure us to love them, care them and even fear to be abandoned by them. They are weak and merry creatures(mudling) made of soft muscle tissues so that they seem at the point to fall over but never. They jump their legs open when chopping trees, rubbing their droop stomach at leisure and ring their beggar bowl anywhere if you haven’t got a hut for each of them. Are we that good at fishing for fondness when we are called a child and think ourselves as believing in a religion? “I can’t think of other things to do but worship you the whole day”—then they keen down and koutou, touch the ground with their body and head before your statue(called moai in the game), in a way similar to Tibet palmers do except for their lifted hips. Well, I admit I am not such a good worshipper, so I didn’t deserve a better God like what I will act in Idle Worship.

You can imagine how many requirements and demands are waiting ahead from these creatures and how difficult to refuse them. They may begin their request with “I want to believe in you”. When they say “I want to worship you, even your shoes”, it surely means you haven’t got decent shoes for them to admire. So the quest is to buy a pair of expensive shoes as soon as possible. The only reward is the honor to call them “mine”. But when you receive the in-game money, resource or power, it reads: for answering our prayer, you received this, and hence “prayer answered!” replacing “quest completed!” and “new prayer” for “new quest”.

Curses increase my power and make me stronger, faster and better—sound weird? There are two kinds of powers to use upon your followers: curse and blessing, with equal importance. Profanity is part of the game. The page after page of statues listed in shop are cheap wooden dolls, toy bears or a pair of girlie shoes. It’s so dangerously possible to ruin the game with these meaningless things as statue for worshipping, although they are intended as an indifference to all the fishers of worship.

If we aren’t worshipping your moai, what good are we? Please keep me worshipping you, which gives you energy. Let them dance and celebrate your greatness. These mumblings are working or worshipping, demanding or devoting—this is the gist of religion. They can’t stop living. They feel scared when believing nothing or feeling nothing. And all these deeds are proposed by mudlings themselves. Think how it feels to be instructed by your kids for all details of life, business and mental peace.

Building, collecting and managing alone then interacting with or against other players—the same content dressed in religion makes it a brand new type of game, also bringing a brand new playing mood.

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