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IGG Brings MMO Moonlight Online into Facebook after GodsWar and Age of Titans

Sara Lau
Jun 11,2012  09:06 by

Social media has become vital in marketing social games to players and the loyalty of the social game developers to Facebook has undeniably helped propel the success of Facebook. This is also faithfully true to MMO developers as they are now exploring the possibilities to market their MMOs through social network and even they have already employed the new technology to have their MMOs connected with Facebook.

IGG, one of China’s MMORPG developers, emerged since 2005 and thrived shortly after they got invested by IDGVC. Afterwards, they bought Chinese MMORPG and localized them for America. The company oddly advertised their games in spite of the fact that all of their games are considered by players “Pay to Win”, “Old-fashioned graphics” and non-innovative gameplay.

The situation has changed since IGG has established relationship with Kalydo in late 2010. Kalydo is mainly responsible for the technical part while both IGG and Kalydo strengthen its brand by taking IGG’s 3D MMORPG into Facebook. The mechanism works the way when players access the facebook, activate the game app and download a mini web player plugin, which, afterwards, allows players to play game directly through the Facebook.

There are no big advancement in terms of gameplay, graphics and other ingame materials. Instead, the Facebook-based MMO is specifically targeted to give a push to dig new players as IGG’s marketing officer said in a China’s Gaming Event Keynote speech that their games’ users are mostly from Facebook.

Last week, IGG quietly launched a new title Moonlight Online, which presents itself in totally 3D environment, marking a new approach to address new technology for Facebook independently. As we played the game, there is no sign signaling the game is made or licensed through third party.

Back in 2011, IGG also brought Age of Titans and GodsWar Online into Facebook.

It is the Facebook social Network that makes IGG go viral in all directions and throughout all regions across the world. Traditionally, they seek new players through gaming portals and Google advertising. But now with Facebook, they enjoy the new success of marketing their games.

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