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Immortal King

Immortal King

Release Date:  2011/09
Publisher:  NGames, 337.com

Immortal King (IK for Short) is a fantasy browser game by NGame for North America and 337.com for Brazil. The game draws inspiration from Greek mythology, allowing players to role play a Greek hero to build and Revitalize the empire.

The game is nothing but a reborn edition of Dynasty Saga, Reignage, Batheo, and Warflow. In Immortal King, players should march forward the hostile camps in order to conquer the new territories. By allocating  attributes to heroes, players (ingame characters) are able to get different combinations, so much so that they could reach different missions.

You should build and lead your own army to challenge the immortals or other players, making their land become your colonies.

My Review:

Under the terms of “free to play”, “No download”, and “Real time strategy”, Immortal King seems to deliver plenty of perfectly crafted features, yet ultimately ending up with Dollar-greedy mechanism that drives gamers extremely addictive.

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Such games as Castlot, Batheo, Indomitus and Empire Craft should not be considered the new trend gaming, but a new threat to personal privacy and online gambling. Most of the times, players cannot have the exact chance to get the items in dungeons or arena, instead, they will have to spend money trying their luck. For example, if players use wheel of fortune, they will have to put them in the position of being gambler, in a bid for the items and equipment.

If you have ever tried NGame”s Pockie Ninja, you could possibly know how the game works. No animated action, no realistic comic characters. But when talking about making money, it is doing good; while for the gamers, it is not so good as the game has lots of weaknesses that all such games have.

Let”s say, players are able to let their heroes or troops being the status of  “Reincarnation”. What does that mean? increase military forces? not yet, but a new round of spending.

After playing two days, I concluded the game is made for rich people not for free players.

Note: I started playing Immortal King in the Portuguese version. The closed beta (North America by Ngames.com) starts on September 7, 2011, if you share the same feeling or go the separate way with me , leave your comments today.

14 Comments on Immortal King


  1. Diogo V. says:


    I was interested in your article because i was one of the many players that wanted to play the closed beta but….after reading this, i began to think alike.

    And i'm talking for experience – i played warflow, batheo, dinasty saga and now Chronicles of Merlim and its true – to be a sucesseful (and i'm not talking of being one of the best) you HAVE to spend money, be it to have "gold" or having better stats and blablablabla.

    So i ask you – what is a good web browser nowadays that don't have this "face"? 😉

  2. sebi says:

    after playng the cb for 3-4 days now i share your opinion to be succesfull and be on i can say " top " first dozen players ul have to deep dig in pockets and dig for some real cash

  3. Mirza_Junaid says:

    very owesome game

  4. Bob Joe says:

    how do you get four generals to fight at once

  5. assasinus says:

    po a desgraça da minha conta nao vai

  6. fdgfhh says:

    i thing fuck the game is cheat

  7. syrian says:

    i like this game interested

  8. Elmer Fudd says:

    IK is a bust. The artwork may be dazzling, but the game itself is a dud. I will point out the major flaws in the game as follows:

    1) Too little of a player population, which leads to excessive bullying and the game encourages dedicated players to pounce on offliners.

    2) In order to be the best, you just need to be rich. The only way one can achieve anything worth while in the game is with gold you buy. Sure you can "earn" it with the daily chest lottery and levies, but even a level 60 Mint leaves you with maybe 30 gold a day to spend.

    2a) In order to be sure you are safe while online, they expect you to pay 100 gold to do so. Ever priced 100 gold in this game? Are you really willing to pay that just so you can be "safe" for an extra bit of time? The game developers for IK are nothing more than con artists in the extreme.

    3) Food management. If you run out, and can't earn silver fast enough, you can't replenish troops fast enough to defend yourself or try to take over a farm or silver mine. Simply put, full time gamer bullies are allowed to rampage and dominate casual players to the point that they quit.

    4) Server connection is poor at best. The servers provided are constantly locking up, lagging the game out, or disconnecting you temporarily.

    5) The interface gobbles up RAM and browser cache very fast on a PC.

    6) No one chats. Not even in faction chat. The game chat doesn't alert you that someone is trying to speak to you. There is really no way to email your bullies to talk out truce. The game is purposely made for power gamers who get their jollies off other's misery.

    7) Support aspires to be poor. It's never responded to anything I asked help for, aside from an automated reply.

    8) The learning curve is obtuse. The tutorial is a joke. Any help screens have only a paltry amount of information and the rest you are left to find out on your own.

    9) For your heroes to gain attributes, its a gamble that uses up your honor to do so. Not on the merit of gaining a level and winning many battles.

    Do yourself a favor and find a much better game. This game is a complete loss and should be pulled from the net permanently.

  9. Guest says:

    i would like to play this game again but it is imposible because game321 dont want to back it 🙁 i want to ask is there any way that this game can be online again ???

  10. Guest says:

    i would like to play this game again but it is imposible because game321 dont want to back it 🙁 i want to ask is there any way that this game can be online again ???

  11. miki says:

    ja też chcę żeby ta gra była online

  12. SDF says:


  13. Eleston says:

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