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Immortal Night

Immortal Night

Release Date:  2010

Immortal Night is a free to play browser game that revolves around the theme of Vampire.


I just recently found Immortal Night, a F2P text-based browser game. It feels like a breathe of fresh air that frees me out of those children-oriented and flash-animated games and makes me plunged into the pure hardcore gameplay. In the game, you may choose to become a vampire, crawling out of the nest to hunt for prey driven by a dire thirst for blood and venom when darkness shrouded the sky. So you start out as a young vampire, train yourself to be a more skilled one and make yourself more privileged by waging cut-throat battle against your opposite faction for territory.

I would say that simplicity in design is the key characteristic of this game. Game main interface is represented only by pure texts with no extra images, which make it visually appealing and well organized and structured. There is no storyline going on and no animated tutorial aids, so the learning curve may a bit more frustrating than others. But I will include walkthrough and tutorial as below. Different from traditional RPGs in which characters gain a fixed number of stats boost each time leveling up. In Immortal Night, honing your skill in training ground is the only way to build up primary stats. It’s up to you to either train one stat at a time using up your total available amount of time, or build a well-balanced character with average stats. Besides, training not only makes you stronger, also, it is for ranking. You can also see where you place against other players for each stat respectively. Leveling is the other important thing in the game. PVP attack is the fastest to get most experiences. Combat is conducted in turn-based manner. Each round, the combat information is indicated in battle log, and HP bar indicates players’ remaining HP in green.

You have limited times to perform “Prowl” per day. So what will you encounter while lingering around the streets to prey on your targets? You may find animal fresh blood to nourish yourself, snatch purse from old women, find some items laying in the alley or buried underneath ruins, or run into human vampire hunter, manage to escape using your invisible stalk or get captured.

Besides that, you also have limited chance per day to consult the Tarot, each time, random item will be awarded.

Quests can earn you some unique items. Just as we all know from other MMORPGs, usually you need to complete a chain of quests to accomplish the main objectives in order to get quest clear bonus. So you always need to toggle between different interfaces to finish the prerequisite mission before proceeding.

In addition, you can buy new lair when you are rich enough, owning new real estate is considerably cost, but a great lair grants you permanent boost of “Will”, which determines how effectively you train yourself.
You also have a chance to create a guild after you pay certain amount of gold. Running a guild is still a tough job. Keep recruiting active memberships, and battling against rival guilds for guild respect.

Actually the game goes into much deeper than theses. You can find much fun if you can immerse yourselves into them.

Overall, the game is incredibly easy for players to get addicted. You will be fond of spending great amount of time clicking between pages, planning what will be carried out next. Once you get to the point, you can team up with guild dudes to try some hard quests or raid other players frequently, the fun level will go up a big notch and you will be enjoying the game more than anytime before.

On the other hand, unless you spend nearly a whole day in front of the computer, you would never able to catch up with others, since the game has been out for nearly 2 years and there are still people that seem to spend all day. So no matter how strong you are, you will be raid by someone even stronger. The fun may lost because you are not even able to prevent these things from happening, and someone may even quit and delete the account when they can not hold themselves own against stronger players and suffer a great loss.

But seeing as it is a free game, you don’t worry to lose real world money if you are not a pay-to-play gamer, and your only loss is your leisure hours. So I’d recommend those who still have not heard of it at least give the game a shot. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to stick with it all the time.

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  1. Kayle says:

    This game is free, really? The only way to really achieve high stats is to BUY Blood of the Ancients. Admittedly you can achieve relatively high stats if you spend half of your day training. Unfortunately you will still have stats much lower than players who themselves spend many many hours on training AND buy Blood of the Ancients.
    Not to mention game quality is much lower if you don't buy the perks.

  2. Dominick says:

    This game is great. @Kayle is wrong. There are PLENTY of ways to increase stats via gold and Vampire Venom, and schooling. Having money and a great House helps out. The perks can be bought with gold or money IN game if being sold on market or the Night Messenger.

  3. JimJom says:

    No Kayle is right. If you even want a chance of catching up or being competitive you need to buy donator items. And this basic text based McCode game isn't anything I could imagine anyone spending actual money on. It's a time sink at its best. Myths and Mortals uses the essentially the same gameplay and coding, but a few editions make it exponentially better. Still I wouldn't spend money on myths and mortals either.

  4. katlyn says:

    its fun

  5. Shadowflame says:

    i want to play Imortal night! 🙂

  6. Erurainon says:

    I was playing Immortalnight for about 200 something days. In all my experience, I've never in my life seen such harsh moderating. Oh my effin god. The only good thing in it is the roleplay in public chat.

  7. GamePro101 says:

    Correction: Immortal Night's rules DO, in fact, forbid (explicitly) typing out and mailing the URL of a competing game, but the rules I found said the first infraction would result in a warning. The second infraction would result in infinite pit time. Either way, I expected better service (obviously).

  8. Anonymus says:

    Immortal NIght's admins don't care about any of the players unless they are donors. They falsely put people in the pit, for no reason whatsoever. I live in the same ip address as my sister and we were both put in the pit even after I sent Nikita a message stating to not jail us, we are different people with different accounts. I have even told them this to argue my case in the pit, but they don't even care. If youre not a donor, they don't care. Immortal Night sucks.

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