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Immortal Realms

Immortal Realms

Release Date:  November 6, 2012
Publisher:  Gleecode
Developer:  Gleecode
Genre:  RPG

Immortal Realms is a browser-based game on Facebook from China-based Gleecode Interactive behind World War X. The game, which follows in the footsteps of extremely successul gaming mechanics prevailing in China, is an entire copycat of Dawn of Darkness, Dragon’s Call 2, Legend Warrior and the like.

Like the recently launched Dragon’s Call 2 and Dawn of Darkness, Immortal Realms sets its background in the fantasy, adopting a set of seemingly new artworks and storyline to make it look different in looks.


Immortal Realms starts smoothly, reminiscent of IGG’s Dawn of Darkness, which also generated a lot buzz on Facebook last month. However, Immortal Realms makes you feel you revisit the same place as you were in not long ago. Both games are playable on Facebook, and fantasy-themed.

No detailed and quality pictures; No unique concepts. Just familiar stuff designed in a horrible way. And that’s how Immortal Realms works, or rather, how it doesn’t work.

Select your class and gender and then you will find your avatar standing in a town, where he or she is to go right and left between NPCs to receive quests that will bring generous rewards. As always, players can only choose among the limited avatars without any customization, and that makes the whole world full of identical characters standing idle or rushing towards their respective destinations.

That partially explains why one cannot enjoy the pictures in the game. However, not only the overcrowded identical characters make a mess on the screen, the buildings, trees, or whatever you might be able to catch a glimpse of are either in a blur or strangely clear – it is often the case that you don’t get to see clear the character or the ground on which it is standing but can have a good view of the background trees, ruins or buildings, which seem to be randomly and absentmindedly added rather than be designed to form an atmospheric and coherent setting.

Those lousy pictures fail to keep you in the mood for those quests. Anyway, you just accept missions, kill monsters and enemies in the dungeons and claim rewards repeatedly. Many a tasks require you to enter the same dungeon, kill the same kind of monsters again and again and again. Not to mention there are these Chain Quests that will never end: you finish one and an identical one appears. You do obtain experience through the repetitive explorations, but so what? That is still awful grinding.

Like in Legend Warrior and Pockie Pirates, you recruit companions along the way and include them in your automatic battles. There is no real-time strategy involved and you need to upgrade – well, lots of things, including your weapons, your companions’ equipment, your tactical skills, battle skills, arcane skills and formations – to keep an advantage in battles. And those upgrades cost lots of silver and souls and you have to obtain them through battles and missions.

It is surprising that the game doesn’t get it right even though it only offers automatic navigating, automatic battling and endless upgrades. In the dungeons, where players probably spend the most of their time, however long that would be, in this game, one can click the Auto button to enable the avatar to find the enemies themselves. The avatar does move. It stops whenever it encounters a monster and then the monster would walk up and down while no battle is started, even if you click the monster yourself. You can only click the right side of the screen, make the avatar pass the monster and go rightward until it is involved into a battle.

Immortal Realms uses exactly the same gameplay in Legend Warrior and Pockie Pirates, but it is even worse than the latter. It would be so hard, or even impossible, for the new game to achieve success to any extent.

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