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Imperium: Galactic Wars

Imperium: Galactic Wars

Release Date:  April 10, 2013
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  RTS, Strategy

War ravages the Maelstrom galaxy as the three factions struggle for supremacy and The Imperium looms on the doorstep. Your faction needs you.

Imperium: Galactic Wars is a sci-fi real-time strategy game from Kabam behind Hobbit Armies. In the game, you need to build your starbase in which you are able to construct fleets, make powerful starships and join the epic massive real time synchronous combat against other players.



1, Profit: A profit minded union of races united together by personal motivation and monetary

2, Conquest: Born in the fires of battle and anointed in the blood of its enemies. They are led by the Ares Magna, a race of massive humanoid.

3, Peace: A rag tag group of warriors, scientists and philosophers dedicated to the lofty goal of intergalactic peace and prosperity.

The sovereign:

1, The malus is a race of profit driven, intensely attractive, opportunistic humanoids from the planet Loki.

2, The veil is a mysterious race of armor clad beings from the planet Golem 3

3, The Sototh is an enigmatic race of beings who modeled their beliefs around the concepts of chaos and entropy.


Imperium: Galactic Wars Coming Soon. Judging from the graphics and gameplay video, this game bears some similarities with Kixeye ‘s VEGA Conflict.

5 Comments on Imperium: Galactic Wars


  1. killerzz says:

    could be a fun game but battles are too slow because of crappy servers

    keeping distance or dodging is a huge thing yet your ships don't move until 5 seconds after clicking them to move and by then you can't dodge bullets or move away from lower range weapons

    a lot of issues on it in the forums so slow servers ruins the gameplay because of unresponsive ships

    better off playing war commander where troops move as soon as you tell them and probably vega conflict once that game comes out as they dont run their servers on dial up

  2. kingk0ng says:

    I tried it also but they allow any level attack any other levels base and fleets so you have people level 50+ destroying people much lower level so if you are just starting the game you are going to get griefed constantly.

    No level range caps makes the game very bad for new people.

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