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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Koramgame

Indomitus is a browser-based MMORTS set in the medieval age when you lead your troops to conquer the whole Roman empire. The game is published by China-based Koramgame, which also publishes Chronicles of Merlin and Call of Gods. Instead of following the three factions of the successful Three Kingdoms Online, Indomitus takes on eight races or tribes that fight against each other for ultimate power.

In this productive age of browser games, more and more developers seek for the royal road to success, but they ignore the quality of the game. And The result is just the contrary! Koramgame, backed by Renren.com and Brothersoft.com, has enough human resources and fanacial assest to support them to do an truly exceptional game.

My Preview:

Most people start to love a game after they have played it for a while. I was one of them and start playing Indomitus, the browser-based real-time strategy MMO, and love it.

Judge Indomitus not on the screenshots, website design, and promotion, but on the rich contents of what the game delivers.

I was not surprised by Indomitus’s cover page, because almost such browser games’ websites are beautifully crafted with the Medieval theme. This is just what the game is set against and takes players on a beautiful landscape. Never does Indomitus lure and tease players with someone like a hot girl, or super star, nor hoax players with a shallow page without real contents.

Actually, Indomitus players probably know all what I was just talking about. In July 3, 2011, I came across the game and enter the first server “T1 Aurora Lucens”. I did not search too much about this game’s background, just enter the game and start playing.


In the tutorial course, I start build some basic buildings and facilities, including Lumber Yard, Quarry, Refinery, Farm, Residence, Granary and warehouse. After some minutes, I complete building the first level for Barack, stable, archery range, workshop and training ground. During this period, some new players may stay away from this game because it takes some time to complete those basic buildings. But All of these buildings are necessarily constructed in order to fight later. There is an easy way to let you quickly complete this rudimental building, that is, open your construction list and keep clicking to build, instead of waiting for the next reward claim and building the next one. Do the same in military buildings! If you are very much familiar with such game enough, you can skip such tutorial and fight on your own.

It is a so much fantasy-themed kingdom with all necessary buildings erected! So I move on clicking the hero tab. In this channel, I found some similar functions that has been used in Three Kingdoms Online, Ministry Of War, Empire Craft and Rising of King. But in Indomitus, this interface let us clearly learn about Hero’s stats – Exp, Stamina, and Engery. More importantly, Argumenting a hero will increase the Hero’s max level, rewarding a permanent attack and defense boost. Also, players can learn skills and check their own squad in this interface.

It should be noted that Tribe and Guild is not the same term in Indomitus, a Tribe is something like a Race or nation with some cities included while a guild is more like a team that consists of players. I did not do further research on this function.


The reasearch always constitutes the best and interesting part of a game because it provides you some boost on your marching time, attack and defense power, and deployment range. That is why each research item requires you to spend the hell much Silver.

The World Map:

What a magnificent spectacle! The world map does qualify the real world map with mountain, sea, forest, island and ice land. Through the world map, you can deploy your troops, add hotspot. The world map is too large!

After a quick overview of each interface, I found Indomitus has great potential to compete against Evony.


At the beginning of the game, you should create a free account, or just login the game using your Gmail, twitter or Facebook account. Once you have logged in the game, you could select from 8 tribes – Frankish, Gothic, Gaelic, Hunnic, Vandal, Saxon, Viking, and Byzantine tribes. everything is done.

Once you are in the game, you begin your journey by starting to create a Manor in your capital city. If you want to create more troops, you will then have to go for Expansive Fiefdom research since your ultimate goal is to fight. Make sure you have enough troops and try to create as many Manors as possible. Currently, you can only create 11 Manors. If necessary, you can launch a “Bandit Blowout” to increase the resource output and army training speed in your manor. This move will cost you a lot.

For the reasearch part, there are tree ways that help players – Basic Research for increasing manor and hero limits, Unit Research for enhancing specific unit types, and Advanced Research for getting a competitive boost.

The Punic Wars, which raged for almost a hundred years, marked the largest conflict that humanity had ever known and a decisive turning point in the history of the Roman civilization. Your heroes will take the role of both Carthaginians and Romans in various decisive battles throughout this campaign.

Once you have placed your first colony in good oder in your village, I should said you laid the foundation for your conquest ahead. Because you need to recruit and train your hero who lead your troops to the battlefield. The way Three Kingdoms Online, Mythopolis and Athanaton did has also been used in Indomitus.

If your first settlement is ready, it is now working to consolidate it with your skills. Try to form an army and expand your territory or even join a Guild.

Finally, if you are short of resources, you can take part in some trials in the Arena or Hall of Trials. Or Amazingly enough, you can fight Historical Campaigns or Battle Royals.

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