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Infinite Warrior

Infinite Warrior

Release Date:  September 06, 2012
Publisher:  Empty Flask Games
Developer:  Empty Flask Games
Genre:  RPG

Infinite Warrior is a fantasy RPG that is built with Unity 3D engine. The game allows you to embark on epic battles against opponents in the way you use power-ups, better equipment and armor.


No.1 feature in Infinite Warrior is the endless swinging of blade. You must follow the arrows and swipe your screen toward the right direction quickly. Every time you do it right, there will be a red orb rising beside your character. If you miss a swipe or act too slowly, your character will die. And you will have no other choices but to start from the beginning.

When I first entered the game, I thought it was easy to reach a long distance. However each time after 6 or 7 waves of enemies, I would miss a move. And sometimes I swiped in the right direction but no orb would rise. It is a flaw in this game that if you swipe too fast, the game would occasionally miss your moves.

The man running toward you, informing you the next swiping direction can be distractive. My swiping pace was disrupted several times and I felt annoyed about that. The developer should have change the running man into some icons or just cancel it.

Survive several arrows storms and reach 1000 meters, quests like these seems easy but really challenging. By fulfill quests in Infinite Warriors, you would win various titles like mercenary or squire. This part of the game is absorbing and keep players marching ahead.

There is an in-game store selling equipments and some items providing privileges. For example, “Ankh” is a kind of statue used to revive your character in a game, which could be got by purchasing. You can’t try on any of the equipments unless you trade them with coins. And all the equipments can be used for only once.

Equipments have special abilities and some of them show higher cost efficient. A scorpion peltarion worth 2000 coins will grant a 90 meters head start for next battle while a dragon helm grant 100 but cost 7500 more. Choose wisely and you may gain better scores.

My current best score is 247 meters, which makes me 10% ahead among all the players. However, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine how the Top players reach 1 billion meters. One thing we can conclude is that Infinite Warrior doesn’t have an end.

It is not a game suitable for younger generations for its bleeding scenes and brutal stabs. Although it’s simply a side scrolling action game, the blade skills are just as brilliant and sanguinary as those masterpieces. For instance, the Assassins Creed.

Intense as the game is, it will keep you focusing on the screen. And each time you fail, you would be expecting a better score.

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