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Interview with BioWare Victory on C & C: Generals 2

Sara Lau
Aug 20,2012  02:08 by

The announcement that Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will be free-to-play title comes as a surprise. OnlineWelten spoke with BioWare Victory about the payment model. In this interview, you will find more about this upcoming real-time strategy game powered by Frostbite 2 engine.

If anyone would like to summarize the merits of the latest C & C: Generals, they would probably come up with words like compelling storyline, gripping and stunning graphics in typical BioWare quality. What would Generals 2 look like, especially when it is offered F2P? Well, let’s go find out in BioWare Victory’s answers to questions from OnlineWelten.

OW: The announcement came as a surprise. C & C: Generals 2 is free-to-play? Why did you make that decision?

BioWare Victory: We have set ourselves the goal of bringing the series online and take advantage of it, as we have already done for games of other genres. We create a digital platform, which is directly tailored to consumer experience, for future Command and Conquer: Generals titles. That makes it easier for us to add new updates and games and in the meantime allows players to keep the same social contacts. Although the game’s distribution and payment model differ from its predecessors in the series, the gameplay remains the same.

OW: Don’t you fear that free-to-play games might be perceived as “inferior”?

BioWare Victory: We focus primarily on the real-time strategy core element that has made the Generals so popular in the first place. We are also aware that the reputation of free-to-play titles among hardcore gamers is not the best. Our goal is to offer fans with the same top-quality RTS they want – but with lower entry barriers. When you play the new game, you will have a clear picture of that.

OW: This is the first high-definition free-to-play game powered by the Frostbite 2 engine – that’s presumably expensive, but also exciting. How do you plan to recoup the invested capital and even make more money?

BioWare Victory: We are still working on the game now. The simple fact is: If you don’t offer a great game, you won’t succeed no matter what payment model you choose. Therefore, we focus at the moment on how to make the game itself fantastic.

OW: What is your opinion? Are you proud of the new way the C & C Generals 2 strikes?

BioWare Victory: I’m proud of the fact that we can make use of what our team could not afford before. We have introduced the Frostbite 2 engine upon which to build our RTS platform. At the same time we have developed a great game that uses this platform. We still have a long way to go, but the game is already making a lot of fun and it looks better than any other real-time strategy game I’ve ever seen. The approach of the live service also makes the development of titles much more exciting, because we are constantly responding to community feedbacks and can deliver contents that are important to players.

OW: Why EA has decided to change the name of BioWare Victory? What is the intention behind a developer of RTS games bearing the name of a popular role-playing game studio?

BioWare Victory: Victory Games is named based on its function in EA BioWare. And to combine the merits of both studios and make quality games, we decided to name it like that.

OW: What to expect in C & C Generals 2 on the gameplay, visuals and especially the base building?

BioWare Victory: We are absolutely committed to the classic RTS gameplay – base building, resource extraction and large armies, which are the basis for attending battles. The basic gameplay is based on the original Generals.

OW: Can you give us a little insight into the coolest units, factions, or similar stuff that has been talked about already?

BioWare Victory: The team has developed some great skills for the players who inspire us. You might notice in the trailer that we have already introduced the new EU Group. Actually the GLA Group will also be there. And there are cool things to discover in the footage, if you look closer.

OW: Which kind of events, clan features or game modes did you plan?

BioWare Victory: Part of the focus of our live service revolves around events and new game modes. We want to integrate in any case, social elements such as clan features, and thereby have an open ear towards the community. Our goal is to grow the game in time, and the feedback we receive from our players will be the major source of our inspirations.

OW: C & C Generals 2 was announced for the PC. Will you offer it on PS3 or X360 where there is still demand for quality free-to-play games?

BioWare Victory: No, we are concentrating on providing a great gaming experience on the PC exclusively.

Official Website: http://www.commandandconquer.com/free/

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