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Interview With Brick Force Community Manager

Sara Lau
Feb 21,2012  12:02 by

Can you introduce yourself and what you do for Brick-Force?

Hi, I’m Matt Rider, Community Manager for Brick-Force at Infernum Productions. I’ve spent over a decade playing online games, from MMO’s to team-based shooters. My main role here is to work together with the community in every respect. Brick-Force is very much a community driven game with many social aspects.

Heading into beta, I’m focused on giving everyone who plays the game a voice and a chance to be part of the ongoing development process.
I try to have a hand in most aspects of the project and to communicate to our growing fanbase transparently.

So, today you have almost 40,000 fans in facebook, happy for that?

Absolutely. It demonstrates that there is a hunger for the type of game that we’re building.

We now have the opportunity to engage with a very wide range of people from different cultures and backgrounds, who will together encompass the beating-heart of Brick-Force.

How much requests enrollment in the beta have you actually? A range?

Currently we have exceeded 140,000 registrations, and the figure is constantly rising.

What are the game modes?

In the team-based shooter mode we have various game types, such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Defusion. The first two modes I mentioned will already be familiar to most gamers who’ve played shooters. As for Defusion, it’s similar to what players have experienced in games like Counter-Strike. What’s exciting about these various modes is that while developing maps in sandbox mode, players will be able to choose the placement of their bomb sites or flags, which can really add to the flavour of a map and the heighten the strategy.
We are also considering other game modes, such as PvE modes. In the long-term, we plan to develop Brick-Force into a far wider gaming platform where almost any kind of game mode is playable.

Difficulties in translating the game?

The Infernum team are veterans of the online gaming world and collectively we’ve worked on numerous titles that have been localised for various regions and languages. We will initially be publishing the game in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

What differentiates Brick-Force from other games?

We’ve managed to combine various different elements to create a game that is engaging, creative, accessible and social. It’s a highly unique package. We hope to expose a whole new audience to map-building and team-based shooters.

An approximate date for the game’s release?

We’re aiming for Spring 2012. We’ll have a clearer idea of when we’re ready to go live after getting feedback from the community in closed beta.

Events will be organized?

Yes. There will be map-building contests, leagues, ladders… perhaps clan of the week or month. There are lots of possibilities and currently everything is under discussion. If you have any cool ideas, feel free to tweet them or post them on our Facebook wall.

Often there will be updates to the game?

Certainly. We have discussed all kinds of possibilities, such as bricks with different themes like sci-fi or fantasy. We can release updates that will help keep the game varied and creative. New weapons or armor can be added, improvements and updates can be considered. There’s a lot of potential to expand upon the game world.
As mentioned, we have considered adding various PvE game modes such as Tower Defense mode. We will continuously be building upon the existing game world.

Exclusive to tell us?

I mentioned earlier that players can choose the placement of their bomb sites or flags in sandbox mode, and I don’t think that this feature has been reported before. It’s particularly interesting aspect which can add a whole element of surprise or strategy.

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