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Invasion of the Zombiz

Invasion of the Zombiz

Release Date:  October 23, 2012
Publisher:  Woozworld
Developer:  Woozworld
Genre:  Defense

Invasion of the Zombiz is a tower defense game where players ought to defend themselves against hordes of zombies in an abandoned yard, junction, or an old factory while occasionally healing the wounded victims.


Invasion of the Zombiz deals with slaughtering zombies much more than anything else.

It is hard not to think of Plants vs. Zombies when it comes to zombie-themed defense titles, no matter how the gameplay varies. And that is still true in Invasion of the Zombiz. In each level or stage, waves of zombies come to kill you and the victims (and your partners if you are teamed up). They come at different speeds and can endure different numbers of attacks. And you don’t have to get close to an enemy to launch an attack – you can do that wherever you like it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean your avatar stands still the whole time. It can still run up and down, picking up special spells that are helpful for the rest of the game. The invisible clove keeps you invisible for a while so the zombies would not find you; the potion refills your HP; the ice freezes the zombiz around you while the flame thing heals zombiz around you – and by heal I mean kill or make the zombies disappear. You’ve got those spells at the start of each game but all of them can only be used once in a game. As a result, if you manage to pick up the ones scattered on the ground during the games, you will have a high change of surviving the invasions.

You don’t just care about yourself and the NPC victims. You need to protect your teammates by killing the zombies around him or her and heal them if necessary. In Multiplayer mode, you can create a room or join others’ rooms to kill the zombies together. The games are still the same as those in solo mode but the cooperation and mutual protection ease the otherwise increasingly difficult defending experience and add tons of fun.

Maybe it’s hard to believe but one can easily get stuck in Invasion of the Zombiz. That’s partially due to the increase of zombies in number and their enhanced power. Also you might sometimes find there’s no response to your tapping no matter how you touch your screen. And more than five zombies besiege you but the game just isn’t over – though your blood has been drained and a death is beyond doubt. In that occasion, you can only quit the present game and start over.

It is reasonable enough to expect fluid controls in a game where many repeated taps sometimes kill only one enemy. Nonetheless, Invasion of the Zombiz fails on that front too. It always takes seconds to launch an attack on any zombiz. In other words, after you tap a zombie, you might wait for seconds before that attack takes effect. And during the delay, you might get hurt or be killed by the target zombie.

All in all, Invasion of the Zombiz just offers players a slaying spree with the “dumb controls” and the merciless biting of incredibly powerful zombies.

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