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Invincible Armada

Invincible Armada

Release Date:  December 20, 2012
Publisher:  Unknown
Developer:  Unknown
Genre:  Warfare

Invincible Armada is a strategy RPG available on Facebook. In the game, players follow the story-driven quests, navigate to multiple cities, battle villains such as pirates and thieves, purchase and sell a variety of items and create their own fleet, base, colonies and even kingdom.


Set in a medieval world, the game has everything in fine graphics. Things ranging from the ripples of the sea to a stolen crystal skull are all vividly and beautifully presented. Inside the cities, both the structures, including the banks, taverns, hospitals and trading office, and the figures waving at the dock, selling products at the stalls, or wandering in the square, offer a convincing description of medieval city life. However, only the ships in the sea and the small figures in the cities could move while most of the other things are merely static, which definitely reduces the fun. Besides, every city looks exactly the same, with only the city name on the top suggesting where players really are.

Invincible Armada weaves an immersive story but it doesn’t tell it right. The supportive companions, demanding creditor, and arrogant commander are all nicely involved in the story, acting both as the story-teller and the actors themselves. That allows for a natural progression of the story and the quests, and it is equally entertaining to read through their stories and to fulfill the quests. However, players’ avatars never really show up in the process, though players must select an avatar at the beginning and can guess what the protagonists have said only by reading other characters’ conversations, which is very awkward.

Players will be constantly involved in battles in the sea. Whenever they encounter enemy ships, they are free to attack or avoid them. Those battles are turn-based, which explains why the number of ships and the attack and defense attributes matter. Every time one sinks enemy ships, rewards such as flags or swords will appear, and player have to move their ships to the very spots to claim them before those rewards vanish shortly after.

Ships can also be used for commercial purposes. Invincible Armada provides with an intriguing trading experience. Players can travel between cities, purchase statues, pistols, cotton and other things in one city and then sell them in another city. In that way, they will quickly make a great fortune. Occasionally, there are also chances of running into fish stocks during travels and players can capture them and sell them in cities.

The game adopts an energy system and players have to spend energy entering and leaving cities, opening floating chests in the sea, and traveling through different waters. It is much too easy to run out of energy, especially when you are automatically transferred back into city every time you are defeated in battles.

Besides, the game suffers from terribly slow loading and other glitches. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes to reload the page and several minutes to show everything in the quest dialog box. And the cities are just inaccessible no matter what in some cases. Also, the game doesn’t support fullscreen mode and never has everything displayed at the same time. No matter how you adjust the interface size, there is always some information missing and you have to adjust the interface again so as to read the conversations, click the exit button, or check how much gold you’ve earned.

Invincible Armada features rich and absorbing contents, including strategy-oriented sea battles, simple but lucrative trades in various cities, and a truly gripping story. However, it still needs more work on the loading problem and probably some adjustments on the story-telling and the game interface.

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  1. Wulf says:

    Fun game, but HORRIBLE loading problem! Numerous customer service bug tickets sent in later, still no fix and not even an acknowledgement bug reports were received. Very sorry now that I spent money on their in-game coins since I can't even play the game. 🙁

  2. Zero says:

    The game is a great concept that is badly let down by it's developers who's only interest appears to be in creating "crown" items for purchase. The only contact and support seems to be from one person, if you are unfortunate enough to get a reply from (rare) is generally unhelpful. Despite this they do ask for bug reports, suggestions and opinions. All of which they ignore. No bugs or faults are ever "fixed". I would not recommend even a bored granny play this game.

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