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Iris Online

Iris Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  EYASOFT
Developer:  EYASOFT
Genre:  Fantasy

Every story has a beginning; and every world has the genesis. In the vast continent Arcana, meaning Knowledge and Mystery, all live creatures are born from Archelon, the Tree of Life. Peace dominates this heaven-like land for centuries until King Archane is possessed by the tremendous power given off by his “Sword of Shadows”, just like Frankenstein rebels his own master. The raging war devours the whole land that only confronting head-on against it will put it into an end. Thusly, the curtain of Iris Online is raised for you.

Developed by Korean EyaSoft Corporation Ltd, Iris Online turns out to be a free-to-play, anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG which is suitable for both fast-paced combat-loving fans as well as merrymaking casual players. The in-game world is tinged with mysterious ambience and character archetypes are all styled as cute cartoons. This game offers players with three optional races, which include Humans, Hybrids and Elves. All three are distinct from one another in attire, attributes, abilities and appearances.

Besides, under each category, personalized occupation classes are varied and subject to level progress. Possessive of the power to control natural elements, Elves may choose to be Ranger and Shaman, which include overall eight different jobs during the process of level up. Half man and half animal, Hybrids own unparalleled physical strength and stamina, which leading to two suitable professions of Warrior and Rogue, inclusive of ten types. Humans are master of technology and magic, and their jobs are Fighter and Mage.

After choosing favored characters, players can follow the unfolding storylines and go deeper into the adventure full of fun. Taking quests from NPCs, players can move along the map and enter into different stories; once quests accomplished, they will be rewarded with gold, rare items, access to exclusive areas, experience points, new advanced skills, and so on and so forth.

The game offers intriguing dungeons scattered among the whole land as well as fierce PvP fighting for players who favor adventure and combat. While in PvP, players will compete against one another with the clear purpose to outwit the opponents so as to get rewards like better weapons and armors, the dungeon system provides more challenging tasks for players to team up to fight powerful monster bosses at limited time against different back stories. As to casual players’ needs, this game provides simple and easy activities such as cooking, making medicine as well as fortune-telling by Tarot Cards, which will allow players to relax and bounce from fast-paced combat.

So no matter you are looking for ease or itching for fighting, you can always achieve your goals with bonus in Iris Online.

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