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Iron Grip: Marauders

Iron Grip: Marauders

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Today, ISOTX revealed their latest upgrade for the browser based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders. This upgrade includes several new features, such as a new homepage with Facebook login, a new quest series, additional units and new artwork.

The ISOTX development crew has been moving forward at a grueling pace recently. The release of the previous upgrade was a matter of weeks ago, but the team is now already prepared to launch the next one.

Trader Quests

One of the most exciting new features is the introduction of a new series of missions known as the Trader quests. In these quests players have to fight their way through assignments given by a Kathos trader. Completing the quests gives players a compelling alternative to attacking and defending bases, while at the same time giving them a chance to absorb some background about the Iron Grip world.

New Units

Additionally, several awesome new units have been added to the game, such as the Terror Walker, Elite Devastator and the Megaton; with each unit having its own advantages and disadvantages. The introduction of the Terror Walker is exciting, since walkers are one of the defining units from the Iron Grip Universe.

“We’re really pleased at the rate we’ve been able to continue adding units to the game,” said Chief Development Officer, Vincent van Geel. “Having a variety of units to choose from, each with meaningful strengths and weaknesses, is key to creating a good strategy game. Trying out different units keeps the experience fresh, and we’re dedicated to making sure that our players will always feel they have interesting choices to make.”

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  2. Andrax says:

    If you're like me and you've been wishing for an mmorpg similar to final fantasy: tactics then you should take a look at this game. I do wish the game world was more persistent though. Like since there's something of a 'city-management' aspect in the game, I think if they added a base-building aspect where players have to build their bases in a certain map(maybe in an area of a world map) and other players could attack that base, that would be a great. Iron Grip: Generals anyone?

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