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Iron Marshal

Iron Marshal

Release Date:  Coming Soon

Commanders in the WWII-themed Iron Marshal, prominently figure as cartoonish as Battlefield Heroes. It is not hard to imagine what will be happening in such humourous manner.


“Iron Marshal” is HiThere’s latest effort to translate the browser-based MMORTS 钢铁元帅 into Iron Marshal. The story takes place in the futuristic time when players accidentally come back to the period of the World War II in an attempt to re-write the history of WWII.

The theme around the game sounds okay, but the gameplay is the same as War2 Glory, Operation Gamma 41 and WWII Rage. Although Hithere.com has gotten somewhat online buzz on their Empire Craft in the last 2 years, yet It has seen an increasingly wading trend due to the old-fashioned Fantasy genre.

With the new launch of Iron Marshal, Hithere promises players a variety of unique strategic and tactical skills, with which they try to re-write the history and save innocent people.

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during the second world war, a constellation of Generals and commanders sacrificed their lives in the battlefield, but their heroic deeds go down in history. If given a chance for present people in the WW2 battlefield, what would it be? and how do they survive the war?

The results cannot be predictable! A few days ago, Hithere, backed by RenRen.com, a Made-in-China Facebook social network site, announced Iron Marshal in a attempts to bring people to the second world war battlefield.

Upon my first impressions on its Frontpage, I have great expectations, assuming this is like Battlefield Heroes, perhaps a new choice to play MMOFPS. As a matter of fact, Iron Marshal is a browser game, not run in full screen. This reminds me of another game called Reignage, which lets troops conquer and move forward step by step through the mouse click.

Admittedly, browser games have become increasingly popular, and its market share grows as new investors of other sectors tread on this field.

The game is unfortunately a low-quality copycat of Operation Gamma 41.

Full review coming soon, or join our forum to review this game.

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10 Comments on Iron Marshal


  1. […] is proud to announce that the closed beta of Iron Marshal has come to an end and the official server will be launched on August 22, […]

  2. martin says:

    je to dobra hra

  3. Antonio says:

    igra izgleda pre ludo jedva cekam da izađe 🙂

  4. Đuro says:

    pa to sranje ne radi…Uvijek server is close…

  5. […] backed by Renren announced today they are planning to launch the second server for Iron Marshal.  The exact release date has not yet confirmed, but you can still play the game in the first […]

  6. JEREMY MOUTON says:

    does this games have sound

  7. […] Iron Marshal is a WWII strategy game and browser-based MMORTS which is developed by HiThere, a leading game developer and operator in the world. The story takes place in the futuristic time when the players accidentally return to the battlefield of the Second World War in an attempt to re-write the unforgettable history of WWII. Its gameplay is very similar to War2 Glory, Operation Gamma 41 and WWII Rage, but the players will be greatly impressed by the great graphics, historic campaigns, period costumes,weapons and vehicles as well as an exciting battle system in this game. […]

  8. former player says:

    Due to an ever increasing array of problems be the so called developers/ programmers, there has been a mass exit of players from this game. Not only has the game been through beta testing, the game when launched left players well rather disappointed. Alot of functions have been removed, little to no support from any of the devs/programmers. The bugs that are constant reported are never fixed, only changes made are those to increase revenue.
    I would recommend stay clear of this game, and anything to do with HiThere.com.
    Been warned, save your money and play with a company that looks after the players

  9. merp says:

    how the fuck do you change your faction?

  10. lud king says:

    grate collection thanks for sharing i really enjoyed your post

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